The Kenn Morr Band

The Kenn Morr Band

 Connecticut, USA

Alternative Folk/Rock with groovin' rhythms, unique instrumentation, poetic lyrics and sweet melodies. Critics say the music stays with you upon first-listening. Driven by a trademark (bass) lead vocals (ala Mark Knopfler or Leonard Cohen), harmonies and a hot band. Kenn's CDs have been played on radio stations throughout US and Europe.


The Kenn Morr Band: World Class Music From a Town You Haven’t Heard Of

            The Kenn Morr Band is on a roll in 2017, pleased to be touring in support of its latest release, "Along the Way".  Recorded at Sandy Brook Studios in Colebrook, CT, the album of ten new Morr originals is believed to be the band's best work yet. 

The result is an organic collection of lush three-part vocal harmonies and sparkling acoustic instruments—real musicians playing soulful music in real time. (It’s the kind of recording you may have thought nobody makes any more.)

Growing up on Long Island, Kenn was inspired by such lyric and melody-minded acts as Gordon Lightfoot, Simon and Garfunkel, Graham Nash, and Jackson Browne. Rex Fowler of Aztec Two-Step became his friend and supporter. When a college baseball scholarship didn’t work out, he turned—appropriately—to Communications, a field for which he is well-suited. He’s got a radio announcer’s rich baritone and the kind of humor and charisma that enthralls audiences of all sizes, from intimate coffeehouses to the stages of venues as demanding as the famed Bitter End in New York City and the International Festival of Arts and Ideas on the New Haven Green. 

            Kenn trusts the universe to bring him what he needs: parking spots, dry weather, you name it. He left Long Island and found in Connecticut a home, new friends, and—eventually--the band that brings his music to life. He calls it his best band ever. First up the universe sent violin virtuoso and multi-instrumentalist Tom Hagymasi. (Kenn calls him “an animal.”) The final piece in the puzzle was melodic bassist “Magic” Pat Ryan, a graduate of the Berklee College of Music. Known for its close three-part vocal harmonies and fiery instrumental interplay, the group has been together for several years, becoming fast favorites on the outdoor festival scene. They’ve paid dues of every kind and played gigs of every stripe, along the way sharing the stage with artists like John Sebastian, Al Kooper, Eric Burdon, and John Wesley Harding.

            With airplay across the country and in Europe (where KMB music gets played in England, Italy, Spain, Belgium, and the Netherlands, among other countries), “Along the Way” is set to bring the Kenn Morr sound to many new listeners.  


Fast Lane

Written By: Kenn Morr

Out of the Fast Lane

Waking round the canyon’s rim
Feel my breath about to blow
High as condors fly
18 miles wide
Snake River winding down below

Driving through the desert valley
Open space, eternity
Everything is right
Full moon comes tonight
I feel faith return to me
I feel faith return to me

Taking the time
Out of my mind
Out in a world
Where everything shines…
Taking it in
Taking it slow
Out of fast lane
Let it go…

Son you know it makes me shiver
We’re moving at the speed of sound
Your tiny shadow’s gone
Time keeps pressing on
There’s no way to slow it down

Not long ago you know I saw old Joe
He’s still the same ole Joe to me
He may never grip
How he saved this ship
From being swallowed by the sea (Chorus)

Walking round the canyon’s rim
Smell the sweet natural perfume
Puff clouds and blue skies
Above the canyon rise
White and gold Cliff Rose in bloom (Chorus)

High Rollers

Written By: Kenn Morr

Goodbye, I’m on my way
Off to where high rollers play
I’m bringing wild jackpot dreams
and all my dough
Once upon a time…, maybe then
But you can’t go home again
And the more you dig the deeper you go

Throw the dice, spin the wheel
Pick a card, make a deal
Drink the whiskey, drink the rum then toe the line
Lay it on ten and play again
Nobody around here needs a friend
Were just trying to get ahead and we’re way behind

With a gentle wind
The weather vein will spin
Desert sand and gold dust on the breeze
If you see me on the strip
With eyes of distant ships
You’ll know the shore is fading far from me

Empty pockets, empty bank
Pull the trigger, fire blanks
All stoned, cold and waiting on the deal
Smoke rings round your brain
Everything is circling round the drain
When you let it all go riding on the wheel (chorus)

Try your luck and take your stance
Let it roll and take a chance
Bright constellations paint the prairie’s sky
Close your eyes into a dream
Steal away from everything
These nights are like high rollers rolling by (chorus)

Footprints to the Sea

Written By: Kenn Morr

Hello sun, goodbye rain
Water racing through the drain
Drenched through clothes and down to skin
Warm sun, where have you been?
Bright blue day and starry sky
Now everything dry
Morning dawns the window pane
Such a sweet refrain

Warm wind chase away the cold
Change of seasons don’t get old
Only we will waiting here
When will that ship appear?
Budding blooms along the road
Driving under heavy load
Warm wind chase away the cold…
Bring some silver, bring us gold

Adios, down the sandy path away I go
Find me, follow footprints to the sea

It don’t matter where you’ve been
Every sail needs a little wind
Strong enough to take you there
Jump aboard now if you dare
Sailing high on the high seas
Until they come for me
Lose the blues come feel the sun
Shining down on everyone

Adios, down the sandy path away I go
Find me, follow footprints to the sea
One star, no matter where you are
Find me, follow footprints to the sea

Shot from space and into town
Set ‘em up, knock ‘em down
One by one by one we go
At every door a cameo
Sandaled feet and summer clothes
With the weather we will go
Tuck my hair into my hat
And like summer gone like that

Adios, down the sandy path away I go
Find me, follow footprints to the sea
Bright star, no matter where you are
Find me, follow footprints to the sea

Along the Way

Written By: Kenn Morr

Along the way We may stumble along the way
While out reaching for today
Along the way, along the way
There’s always something lost along the way

Hey we may fade but may we never lose our way
As long as we keep saying “hey, it’s okay, it’s okay, it’s okay)
Then nothing really matters anyway

And every time we shut the evening light
And every time I hear the geese in flight
Every time blue skies turn gray
Something gets lost along the way

Something here, we just may have something here
By now it’s crystal clear
You and me, Hey we…
We just may have something here

Lately I’ve lost the way
Can’t let go of yesterday
There’s something about a photograph
There’s something about the way you laugh
Lately I don’t feel a thing
Got a bell can’t make it ring
Got a bird but she won’t sing
Want it all but I’ll take half

Pass it on, there’s just no need to carry on
Nothing should lead you on
Lead you on, lead you on…
By then you should be gone

Where does time go? Finer minds will never know
It’s like a sudden gale that comes to blow
And takes you places you don’t know
And away the time will go
And away we go

Blow Wind

Written By: Kenn Morr

We set out running, we set out fast
Didn’t see it coming, knew it wouldn’t last
So I dropped the hammer and hit the brakes
Went drifting backwards sinking in the wake
Sinking in the wake

We run in circles, they circle me
Repeat the mantra, goin’ A to Z
Try to stay in motion and try to be on time
And take the potion
When you’re searchin’ for a rhyme

Blow wind, blow wind
One good gust we’re off again
Blow wind blow wind

We built a rocket to take us there
Emptied our pockets on a wing and prayer
In a burst of light we went shooting through the air
But no one noticed, nobody lookin’ there (Chorus)

So pick yourself up and dust your shirt
Fix the collar and forget the hurt
Some close their eyes or they look away
Stand by the ocean just to feel it spray

Blow wind, blow wind
One good gust we’re off again
Blow wind blow wind
Blow wind, blow wind
Leave no trace of where we’ve been
Blow wind, blow wind

The dust is blinding on this country road
The road is winding hope we bound that load
If we move much faster these wheels will peel and burn
Hands on your hat sir, we’re heading for a turn
Let it burn (Chorus)

Let it Go

Written By: Kenn Morr

An empty palm
It was here and now it’s gone
I don’t have the polish baby
I think I lost my charm
Like a fortune man
Who charms the cobra still
Then turns your bright gold
Into a phony bill

Gone again
Gone this time for sure
Up the creek
And nowhere near the shore
The engine failed
The train flew off the rail
And there’s no water
Coming up from the well

Hey, no one really knows
Some keep the faith
Some let it go
Way, way out on the blue
Let a little light shine through

An empty day
Staring back at me
Yet in my mind runs
A wild menagerie
One more night
Let me fantasize
But what’s the use
I’m half asleep
Before I shut my eyes (Chorus)

And Juliet
Had one evening
No one will forget
Hang ‘em high
Or hit them low
Either way, make ‘em pay
Then get on with the show (Chorus)

A care free wind
Blowing through the sky of dawn
I don’t know just what it is
That keeps you hangin’ on
A sun lit sea
Reflecting back on me
It gets so bright
I squint my eyes
Now I can hardly see (Chorus)

Anywhere Will Be Your Home

Written By: Kenn Morr

You think you’ve lost your mind
Everything is at a head
There’s no turning back, what’s done is done
And yesterday is dead

Sometimes the gifts you get
Come dressed in some disguise
Then everything falls into place
When you first look in their eyes

The days of no strings or ties
for now have hit the end
But you won’t ever to ask yourself
the meaning again

Letting go is never easy
You fear you won’t get back
But once you give it up you’ll see
You’re off and leaving tracks (Harp)

When you’re somebody’s hero
Man, you better take sweet care
Trust rides on everything you do
They’ll watch so just beware

There’s one way to get it done
Just do the best you can
Before you know the milk has spilled
And your drawing up a plan

Let it lead you along
Let it lead you along
Let it take you anywhere
Anywhere will be your home

Everything goes in the wash
then gets hung out on the line
So be honest with each other
And hope it fades it in the sunshine

Time is always fleeting
There ain’t no turning round
Before you know the song is sung
And you will not hear a sound (Harp)

You better do it while it’s early
Better do it with all your might
The reflection of your efforts
Will be present day and night

Go at it with great honor and
You’re sure to get some back
Know just when to toe the line
And when to cut some slack

Let it lead you along
Let it lead you along
Let it take you anywhere
Anywhere will be your home (Harp)

Mr. Wolfe

Written By: Kenn Morr

Smoke was rising over head
The only air was beneath the bed
The rocking chair was rocking still
Just before it all went downhill
Don’t call the desk, they’ll just call the cops
We just need to make that fire stop
Say, who’s that scratching at the door?
There’s no worry anymore

Cool as ice, strong as steel
The wolf’s come to town
He makes dilemma disappear
Helps the deal go down

Thin as branches smooth as silk
He came scratching for some milk
When all five senses kicked and screamed
He turned into one sleek machine
Sprayed the fire, killed the smoke
Even took a rest to take a toke
He laughed and grinned and licked his chops
And danced high on the table top (chorus)

To the bright white moon hear him howl
While resting on his stolen hotel towel
In a parking lot of tar and stone
He rules from his throne
Sneaky smile and taste for skunk
He’ll take a slice, he’ll take a chunk
See those shifty eyes and pointed ears?
Problem solved, Mr. Wolfe’s here (chorus)

As the early sun ascends
He’s snuggled safely in his den
His belly’s full and mind on high
He’s thirsty now the blood ran dry
Another night in the history
Of a carnivore you never see
As the early morning breaks
Mr. Wolfe’s asleep and you’re awake

Run Away

Written By: Kenn Morr

The wild waves are crashing down
From the power of the wind
Wakes you from whatever
state of mind you’re in
Somehow you made it home again
And you don’t even know
Just how you found the harbor
In the overflow?

Everything you’ve tried before
You try it once again
Tide goes down you run aground
Then can’t remember when…
But this time will be different
This one will take hold
Or it’s mutiny out on the sea
Sinking in the cold
Run away, run away
Run, run, run away
Run away, run away
Run, run, run away

Head wind blowing heavy
Cold rain in your face
You just try to keep sea legs
And not to drift away
That big old fog comes creeping in
Why, it’s always from behind
Another evening fades away
Somewhere in your mind
Run away, run away
Run, run, run away

Past the point of no return
This voyage was one-way
Set your eyes and keep your chin
Don’t let it slip away
Sundown bleeding quiet
In the middle of nowhere
Kickin’ off the bottom now
And coming up for air
Run away, run away
Run, run, run away
Run away, run away
Run, run, run away

Try Me Tomorrow

Written By: Kenn Morr

Try me tomorrow, I’ll call when I can
I’ll be right where you need but right here’s where I am
Some days are like snowflakes that scatter and fall
If I had a brick for every time that I’ve slipped
I could build a Great Wall

We lose sense of time and lose track of the days
Get lost in our orbits somewhere out in space
The next thing you know the summer grass is tall
Then you’re up to you’re knees deep in the freeze
Bidding bye to the fall

I guess that I’m hoping somehow you hear this
It’s not quite a soft touch and it’s far from a kiss
We get so busy reaching for things we can’t reach
And then it slips through your hands like fine ocean sand
I once held on the beach

Hope you are happy and I hope you are well
Sometimes in the middle can be so hard to tell
No one can un-do anything that’s been done
It’s like closing the barn once the horses have gone
And run away for the sun

Keep one eye on the ocean and one on the shore
Keep asking for nothing and hoping for more
It’s never that easy to steer clear of the rocks
Keep an axe in the shed and a song in your head
And keep away from the clocks


Full-Length CDs:

Kenn Morr Band - "Along the Way" (Lyrics below)

Kenn Morr Band - "Afterimage"
Kenn Morr Band - "Worth Imagining"
Kenn Morr Band- "Higher Ground"
Kenn Morr- "Move On"
Kenn Morr- "Coming Home"
Kenn Morr Band- "New Moon Rising"
Kenn Morr- "Today"

Kenn Morr - "Following the Moon"

Kenn Morr - "Lost Tales"

Set List

Sets are comprised of Kenn Morr songs in either 45 or 90 min sets. Here's an example of a 90 min set:

Out of the Fast Lane

Standin’ Still

River Song

Try Me Tomorrow

Name of Rock n Roll

High Rollers

Blow Wind

Lost Tales

My Friend

Run Away


A Little Time

Footprints to the Sea

Mr. Wolfe

Anna Lee

Let it Go

Along the Way

Moonlight Meadow Song