Kenny Brannan

Kenny Brannan


Kenny Brannan has a dynamic and energetic sound driving home both Traditional and New Country Music with attitude! He is received at each and every performance with a warm and powerful reception. Young and old alike just absolutely love Kenny's style of country music!


Kenny Brannan will definitely catch your attention all the way from his up-beat style Traditional Country to his Slow Heartfelt Ballads. Kenny's music is an extenstion of his heart and soul. Playing his music very well expressing his emotions in a way that makes others feel what he is relaying in his music as if it were the audiences feelings. Kenny's music will leave you captivated with each and every performance and leave you speechless when he stops. We are very excited about Kenny's future in the Music Industry and introducing this very talented young man to the world. Kenny's guitar skills are nothing short of amazing. The channel running from his heart to his fingers is wide open for the world to hear. We and others have noticed an almost haunting sound when he plays guitar to the ballads he sings and also wonder if he has an extra set of hands on the strings of his guitar with the many beautiful notes he brings out when he plays. We realize that anyone who loves fine country guitar work owes it to themselves to go hear Kenny play! Kenny's vocals are truly a mirror to his soul. His vocal styling is truly unique. It's been said his voice is haunting, totally different from anyone else and once you hear his voice you don't forget it, It sticks with you!! Musicians who have toured for over twenty-five years or more and has played with some of the great legends in this business can safely say that Kenny Brannan is one of the finest Country Artist that they have ever known. We also feel that Kenny's writing is not just more of the same. Today's country music for the most part so closely resembles the soft rock love songs of the '70's with steel guitar and fiddle added. Kenny Brannan's songs are truly country music and are a credit to the Traditions started by the great ones who are sadly leaving us now! You can look for great things from this young man in the near future!!!!! Kenny just finished recording his latest single, Blue Collar Man, which is a song about the common working man. Sometime Later, this one is another beautifully done song, with great fiddle, You finally said something good, redone by Kenny, written by Gene Strasser has already had chart recognition in the past, "Just One More Lie" also written by Gene Strasser and a sweet ballad, and a dynamite version of a classic hit called "A - Eleven," and "Hole In The Wall" a really heart-felt ballad written by Kenny. "I ain't done yet" a Honky Tonk hit, written by Kenny and a really nice patriotic song "Dirty Job".These songs are awesome and are already getting great reviews. They have just been sent to radio stations all over the United States and Overseas. Kenny Brannan produced the album along with Nelson Larkin who has twenty number one hits under his belt. Kenny Brannan is receiving lots of airplay and has over 3,800 radio stations that have his music.


Album: Kenny Brannan (Self Titled)

Upcoming Album: Blue Collar Man (To Be Released This Fall 2008)

Demo tracks from upcoming album available soon!

Set List

1 to 4 sets lasting 45 minutes to 1 hour per set, depending upon venue.

Sample Set List:

1st Set
1. A-11
2. Set ‘Em Up Joe
3. Write This Down
4. Amarillo By Morning
5. Workin’ Man Blues
6. Tropical Depression (Original)
7. Wrapped Around
8. Who’s Cheating Who
9. Pure Love
10. Just Stay Here & Drink
11. Please, Please Baby

2nd Set
1. You Finally Said Something Good (Original)
2. T-R-O-U-B-L-E
3. Rolling With The Flow
4. Sometime Later (Original)
5. Mercury Blues
6. Unwound
7. King Of The Mountain
8. Great Balls Of Fire
9. Pop A Top
10. Hole In The Wall (Original)

3rd Set
1. Guitars & Cadillacs
2. Angel Falling Too Close To The Ground
3. Silver Wings
4. Lay Down Sally
5. Johnny B. Goode
6. Dirty Job (Original)
7. The Rest Of Mine
8. Kansas City
9. Got No Reason
10. Fugitive

4th Set
1. I Like It, I Love It
2. Swingin’ Doors
3. Midnight In Montgomery
4. Chattahoochee
5. The Rest Of Mine
6. Fast As You
7. I Left Something Turned On At Hom