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I have only 1 LP, released in 2006 titled, "The Guy You Cheer For." The track, "Just Fat Guys," has gotten some airplay on stations which received Oasis' Roots Rock Sampler last year.


Feeling a bit camera shy


I named my album "The Guy You Cheer For." This is a reference to the guy in the movies who doesn't get the girl or the job and who gets shat on by the ultra-sure of himself types (you get it). I found my outlet for all this wordly frustration in songwriting so there you go. You may think I am a very strange sad guy by this description but let me say that I am actually strangely upbeat have learned to see life as something not to take so seriously. The reason I tell you this hub-bub is that it describes my approach to songwriting and many have told me that my strongest attributes are the words in my songs. I have, over the last 8 or so years, chosen a life pretty solitary (including 4 years as a park ranger in Utah and 2 as an organic farmer in Mississippi) and this has left me with much time to sit and sing and write and think about everything. There is a lot more to tell you if I ever get to meet any of you who are reading this.
As far as influences, I started on Uncle Tupelo and road the Americana wave to Lucinda, Patti Griffin, Gillian Welch, Steve Earle - all these really good songwriters. I listen to Sam Cooke alot and like to sing in B flat and that's Sam's key (though I wouldn't put myself in his company at all). I grew up in New Orleans and I'm sure the music and the 12 years of Catholic Scholl affected me in some wierd ways too.
One more thing - I am sure of nothing except that my band is very very good and there could be something that we have together. You be the judge.