Kenny Dangerous

Kenny Dangerous

 Paramount, California, USA
BandHip HopR&B

"High and mighty, proud and vain/Brash and cocky, self-contained/Arrogant, I can't complain/My whole life...never shamed!" - excerpt from My Attitude by Kenny Dangerous


Webster’s Dictionary defines the noun, SWAGGER, as 1. (a) an act or instance of swaggering (walking with an air overbearing of self-confidence), (b) arrogant or conceitedly self-assured behavior, (c) ostentatious display or bravado, 2. a self-confident outlook: Cockiness.

Now while the term has recently become popular amongst those believing they have some sense of “cool”, KENNY DANGEROUS has lived under that moniker for several years. Possessing sharp wit, a distinct look, and a strong business attitude, he is well aware that he epitomizes what the word SWAGGER stands for.

As the founder and CEO of Best Ever Entertainment, Kenny has introduced a label that seeks to live out the name he blessed upon the company. He believes that with the talent that he has assembled that Best Ever will consistently push out the most quality music available.

As an artist, he is determined to give audiences the most vivid description of personal interaction that an artist can give. With his uncanny ability to switch to any style based upon the track, he is destined to be a fan favorite regardless of the demographic.