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New York City, New York, United States

New York City, New York, United States
Band Rock Singer/Songwriter


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" Reflections, A Musical Experience," opened Thursday in Jackson Community college Day Theatre. It is a Student theatrical Production written, produced and directed by Kenneth Feinberg of 10925 Seymour Rd., a student in JCC's, Michigan School of the Art.
The show is a rock musical focusing on life and love - mainly Feinberg's personal experience. All the dialouge is sung, except for a brief conversation called 'say something Suite" in Scene II of the second act.
The Two most powerful moments in the play are late in the first act and early in the second. In the first, Ernie Hood and Joe Funk perform "The Golden Egg" an energetic piece of rock and roll. The dancing and singing in this scene provide a spectacle unsurpassed until the end of the production.In the second act, Girl and the Consolation Kid, played by Bill Beasly of Burbank, IL., Perform a song "Something More". It is about Girl's reluctance to spend her life with the Kid. She wants to live her life on her own and isn't sure about sharing it. She's been hurt before. This is the show's most powerful scene, and is something most of us can relate to.
The characters were emotionally, as well as sartorially, developed.
The writing in the play is it's strongest point, however. The movement and action of the characters bring a very definite mood to the piece. the tone seems to be more real than reality.
"Reflections" is an excellent production and well worth seeing.


On the evening of February 19, 1981 backstage at the Ruth Day Theatre ten dancers will be nervously waiting, as all their hours of practice will then turn into performance. The show called "Reflections" and the man behind all of it is student Ken Feinberg, who has written, cast and produced the entire show. Feinberg's idea turned into reality after he was granted funds, permission and facilities for the show from the Student Theatrical Productions.
"Reflections" has a cast of ten local dancers, ranging from amateurs to professionals. The leads in the show Bil Beasly, Marrgie Culhane and Kevin Lowery. "I'm happy with the way the show is looking. It promises to be very good because it has such a talented cast," said Feinberg.The title of the show came from a variety of Feinbeg's reflections on love, social contact and what's happening in the media today. "What the show boils down to is a love and all that revolves around love." Feinberg said of the production.
"Reflections" involve modern ballet set to pop and rock and roll music. "The show has a lot to do with the lyric of the songs that are involved in it" said Feinberg It is approximately an hour and a quarter long.
Feinberg became interested in the arts while attending East Jackson High Where he wrote the music for a play entitled "Team Of Two." "My main interest are rock and roll and musical theatre," he commented.
Feinberg is currently attending Jackson Community College on a drama scholarship but his interests in the art soon expanded to include dance. "I became interested in dance because of the Performance an physical fitness aspect of it he said.
Feinberg has only been dancing for a year and a semester. Connie May his instructor, commented "Ken is a fine dancer and a very hard worker."
"Reflections will be presented on February, 19, 20 and 21 in the Ruth Day Theatre. - The Phoenix

This rollicking rebuff is in the form of a musical spoof of "Batman and Robbin" called "A Team of Two."
A senior Kevin Steller at East Jackson High, wrote the dialogue and lyrics. Providing the music for this vendetta was a junior Ken Feinberg, mixing music from the 50's and other places.
THE MASS ASSAULT on the cape crusaders' intellects was furnished by the Full House Theatre Club.
Make no doubt about it, this is one outlandish performance. But these young people have to be admired for taking the project to completion. against the odds.
First there was no money available from the School. So Ken sold stock to support the play.
Then, there were no legitimate actors and actresses available. The truer talent elected to participate in the annual school musical. So the Full House Theatre Club was organized...
It provides a thrilling hour and a half...

School is for learning.
It's not always for learning readig writing and arithmetic, although the basics are important.
But if a student has his head in the clouds about theatrical career or life of creative writing, it's a good training ground too.
At least it is at East Jackson High School, which for a number of years featured student musicals as part of the learning experience toward graduation.
Usually the musicals are Broadway adaptations, as was the performance of "guys and Dolls" in March.
But Thursday, Friday and Saturday at 8pm audiences will be treated to an original.
THE ORIGINATORS are Ken Feinberg, son of Mr. and Mrs. Jacob Feinberg, 10925 Seymour Rd., and Kevin Steller, son of Mr. and Mrs. Carles Steller, 6745 Ann Arbor Rd.
It's a spoof on "Batman and Robbin,"the famous comic book characters... The show's entitled "Team of Two." - JACKSON CITIZEN PATRIOT

Indie songsters with a tune in their heart and chart breaking in there dreams often patch together a nebulous network of people and places needed to start a serious career: trainers, arrangers , engineers, producers, managers, publicists, booking agents, promoters, image consultants.rehearsal studios, recording studios, graphic artists, web site designers, buzz makers and entree givers to record label bigwigs. their fingers could the walking thought the yellow pages than dancing on the keyboard.

Then there's Gig Lizzy Studios where Mountain Mike _ David Micheal Oehier, 60 - was brought as part of a BBC documentary to attend a four day crash course in star making at one of the new finishing schools for aspiring recording artist.

9 A.M. - 1 P.M. Breathing exercise, voice coaching, rehearsing and choosing four songs for a demo.
1-3 P.M. Arranging music.
3-8 P.M. Recording three songs for demo.

11 A.M. - 5 P.M. Mixing and mastering demo with Gig Lizzy audio director Kenny Feinberg.

Noon - 1 P.M. Photo session for demo cover.
1 P.M. Demo and other materials sent by messenger to Road Runner Records in Greenwich Village, which decides against a recording contract.
4-8 P.M. Intense coaching and moral support for tonight's gig.
9-9:30 P.M. performance at Dark Star Lounge on West 72nd Street. "It went really well." Mr. Oehler said. "It's great training in new York, and I got to meet a record industry lawyer there which was very helpful"

Noon - 2:30 P.M. Meeting with Mr. Schulte at Palmetto Records, a jazz and folk lable in the village.

3 - 3:30 P.M. meeting with Mr. Schulte "he said he's definitely considering me. Mr. Oelher said. - THE NEW YORK TIMES





Genres from punk to jazz Kenny has worked with actor Tony Randal, rock drummer Albert Buchard , actress Amanda Plummer and blues pianist David Cohen, so don't be surprised to find Kenny's memorabilia on the walls of a Hard Rock Cafe or two.

He has performed in several bands covering different styles. In New York he studied song writing with Ann Ruckerts of "The Song Writer Guild" and "NARAS" and voice privately with Katie Agresta.

Kenny was one of the main forces of "Gig Lizzy Studios" referred to in "The New York Times" as "24 Track Dream Factories for Indie Musicians".

Kenny currently is striving determine to shine brightly, playing music and recognizing happiness.