Kenny Floyd

Kenny Floyd


Pop Rock Duo


While some artists try to keep it real, Kenny and ‘G’ keep it ROCKIN’!

As the exit date of bass player Ronnie James drew near and the looming thought of an unfinished album, Kenny and ‘G’ were faced with some serious decisions. Should Kenny Play solo or should the two try to find another bass player.

"The first thing that came to my mind was the slogan for the United States Marines, “ A Few Good Men." Not everyone is chosen to do this type of work. -‘G’

They began asking around to get some thoughts on possible avenues for success. There was more than a light at the end of the tunnel! It was an entire flame.

"I finally fell like I may have found my niche in this industry. Until now, I have never heard of a two-man "full band" group. For us, that would mean we could offer our fans the best both worlds. The intimacy of our acoustic shows combined with the high energy of a rock show!"

As Kenny and ‘G’ prepare to go DUO, they will be in great company with bands like The White Stripes, Local H and The Black Keys to name a few.

"We never thought you could actually write, record and perform originals on a national level as a two piece. We started asking our friends and support groups about it and they gave us the names of people who were already doing it on that level. We were blown away. We should have been doing that to begin with!" -‘G’

"I guess it was inevitable. We've played acoustic shows together, just the two of us, and people would come up and say that they were impressed and really enjoyed the show. We have been getting more calls for the duo act than the three pieces. How many people does it take to be a band anyway? We don't know. We just wanted to play”. - Kenny

Being a duo allows these artists to travel farther and faster than most up and coming acts. This newfound versatility allows the rockers to go from a patio party to a national stage and still be able to offer the same heartfelt, energetically entertaining shows.

While some artist try to keep it real, Kenny and ‘G’ keep it...ROCKIN’!



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