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Kenny Foster

Nashville, Tennessee, United States

Nashville, Tennessee, United States
Band Pop Folk


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Kenny Foster - "For Now"
Available on iTunes

It's a survey of where I've been since I moved to Nashville.. Where I am now, and where we all are, in a sense... There are stories and statements... It's all about life, love, and the lackthereof...

Philos - "Defying Gravity"
Available on iTunes as of Dec. 9th, 2008

This song from "Wicked" struck my heart and my rock band of 3 years covers it much to the delight of original composer Stephen Schwartz..

Upper Room - "The Blue EP"
Available upon request

I'm an artist.. There is multitudes inside me, and I can only hope that you find the thoughts and expressions to be as important as I do..



Kenny was recently accepted into the ASCAP pop songwriter's workshops in both Nashville, and Los Angeles and is making a name for himself as an emerging young talent with a knack for meaningful, genuine lyrics and great pop hooks. A graduate of Belmont University, Kenny has been writing and performing for 8 years, opening for acts like Josh Kelly, Ingram Hill, Derek Webb, and The Normals. He completed a record in May of 2008 which is currently available on iTunes.

Feel free to read his short auto-biography below...

I was born in a little town in Southwest Missouri called Joplin.. It was a big town in its heyday thanks to its location on Route 66 but has since become sort of a "free-standing suburbia" with no real cultural center or diversity to speak of... It's really a shell of its former self.. It feels like it was something great once, and it has echos of that.. You can see it in the buildings falling down and the storefronts that once held great commerce but now stand empty.. Monuments to a time gone by.. The city itself almost feels as if it wants to be that again.. A great town of stature or significance.. But maybe it just doesn't know how...

It was a great place to grow up.. It was the kind of place that valued a well-rounded personality.. It encouraged you to pursue all sorts of activities to enrich your life.. Of course, there was no end to that.. No goal.. An end in and of itself, not a means to get something else... Just be that way because you should.. Like it was the right thing to do..

I don't know that I ever forgot that mentality or that state of mind.. I've tried to carry it with me to Nashville where I moved about five and a half years ago in order to chase an elusive dream.. The kind where you don't know where you're headed but you're almost sure you're supposed to go.. Don't know how or why, but for the same reason as being well rounded, I felt this urge to go to Nashville, and here I am... Hoping between Missouri, Los Angeles and Nashville (and anywhere else my heart desires) I'm developing goals and striving in different areas of my life... At the heart of it all I still think that a good song needs to be written.. You just have to share.. Share how you're feeling, share what hurts.. Somehow connect yourself with everyone around you so we don't all feel so alone.. It can effect people, it can change the way people feel.. It's a powerful tool, and although I don't have any plans for world domination any time soon I guess I'm just writing.. Writing because it's just something I'm supposed to do...

I hope to connect, I hope to entertain, I hope we can have a few laughs.. I know that an attentive audience is a people prepared to listen, ripe for influence, my kind of people... We can share intimate experiences in public places.. We can leave knowing each other better, and knowing that it somehow makes us better even if we don't know why...