Kenny Wright Experience

Kenny Wright Experience

 Baltimore, Maryland, USA

The music of 'Kenny Wright Experience is a wonderful mix of fine melody, explosively tight rhythms l.This music also features
the flamenco bass stylings of leader Kenny Wright and superior improv skill from all players and vocalist.The group is absolutely dynamite in concert.


The smooth sounds of The Kenny Wright Experience have long been among the mainstay "must hear" jazz sounds in the mid-Atlantic region, drawing ordinary fans and aficionados alike for over 30 years. A nationally recognized bandleader, innovator, and jazz orchestrator whose R &B musical roots date back to the late '60s, composer Kenny Wright also just happens to be one of the most gifted bass players in the world. His unique ability to play 'chord melody' on bass allows him to expand the range of not only his instrument but also the harmony it's self as low chords that did not exist before him are now heard blending with keyboard and guitar chords.His syle is best described as 'flamenco bassplaying.

Kenny Wright has performed with such legends as Stevie Wonder, The Whispers, jazz violinist Michael White, The Temptation Review and Supremes. Flutist Bobbi Humphrey, and others.


1.My Roots (2010)
2.Herbie, Miles and me (2006)
3.Bottle of Wine (1998
4.Comin' at Ya (1995)
5.Fresh Focus (1993)

Set List

1.Someday My Prince will Come
2. Dolphin Dance
3. Krystal
4. Kymberlie's Promise
5. D Poo
6. Five or Six
7. Through the Mist
8. Outer Limits
9. Far Side the Moon
10. Someday My Prince will Come