World War Peace

World War Peace


Keno Mapp is the lead singer of World War Peace as well as the author of the critically acclaimed inspirational poetry book, SENSLESS MURDER. Atma Anur aka The Jimi Hendrix of drums, with Uncle Funky/Juan Richardson living guitar and Bass 4 Your Face, UBi9000, rocks it tight!


Rock'in hard! In line with U2's message, World War Peace is a funky rock ride towards better. Keno and his group's music is very up beat, while still touching on issues we all share today. "What Is Waiting On Us Tomorrow" and "You Got To Believe" are some of the original songs performed along with covers from the likes of Sly and the Family Stone and striking poetic pieces reminiscent of The Doors. This All Star cast of musician's sets the stage off and will leave you feeling, thinking and wishing for more. It seems like "The Worlds Lost Its Way" and through music they wish to offer a fun positive experience that becomes a spirit catching eye opener for us all.
We only want to help the planet for it needs it...


You got to Believe!

Written By: Keno Mapp

So hard to see us as man,
throwing things around!
Wondering if we’d give ourselves a chance at all!
I say,
A chance to come together, I say one and all,
it can help us as man to believe and stand so strong!

But you got to Believe!
You got to believe
I say!
You got to believe!

So easy to see all your dreams just blow away.
So east to cry
cause you know is not O.K.!
East to drown yourself think’in there's no love at all!
Easy to jump in your car
and drive away
from it all!

So you got to believe!
You got believe
You got believe

There's time!
I say, there’s time,
there is time my friends.
There’s time,
There is time lets try to begin...

I say believe, believe...
You got to believe
You got to believe
You got to believe


What is waiting on us Tomorrow

Written By: Keno Mapp

Are you ready for whatever may be coming your way
Can you look at yourself, within your own soul and even feel happy?

So much maddness in our world.
So much noise around hard to listen to your own soul.
Hard to close your eyes and see a bright sunny day.
We can still make the flowers grow all around our world today

What is Waiting on us Tomorrow?
Do you even want to know?
Will life offer us bitter sorrow?
Our will we be filled with love from head to toe?

Do you dare look out your own window?
Do you fear what is the unknown?
Do you tear up your own pillow?
Or do you walk around this town acting like your grown grown?

So much time wasted being ugly
Lets spend our time to make a better day.

There is time my friends.
Come along and try to lead, lend a hand.
You can do this I know you can.
You can do this because you are Man!!!

When you have to cry, do you cry
When you have to feel, do you feel, feel for real?
When you have to love, do you love?
When you have to fly, do you fly High?

What is waiting on us Tomorrow
Do you even really, really want to know?
What is waiting on us tomorrow,
Do you really, really want to know Tomorrow?

Do you want to know about Tomorrow?
Can you hear me about Tomorrow?

Senseless Murder

Written By: Keno Mapp

So my eyes are clear and Senseless Murder leads the way.
Leading us to self-destruction
By our own hands.
There is a war ahead that will
Leave us all without sleep.
Almost too late for there are only a few that are chosen to lead us out of this dark ahead.
All lead by love of the purest clutched tight within hearts.
Will unbreakable by hate or the same.
New Saviors, New Messiahs to lead the way and show us those colors needed seen to brighten our hearts and open doors that are of much clearer paths.
Now we cry out at the top of our lungs as we vow our commitment to the role we openly accept.
All of us, we give to change the Senseless Murder running amuck in our streets all around our world.
Our tear’s shell now run as blood rather than of the pretty blues we once remembered.
The solider to battle till death to spread
love and peace around our world.
We pray for strength to bear what our eyes may see tomorrow and ask for forgiveness of our own sins.
Our children must be allowed to grow.
Our children must be allowed to grow.
They must be given a chance outside of the dirty wind that we man have made and they will!


Keno World War Peace is in all stores (Virgin, Tower, etc..) and is also available for download through iTunes and all the other cyber outlets.

Set List

Senseless Murder
What is Waiting On Us Tommorrow
Underdog (Sly and the Family Stone)
In God We Trust
The Worlds Lost Its Way
Bang A Gong (TRex)
Peace On Earth
Live By It
Flowers In Bloom
The Ghost Song (The Doors)
You Got to Believe