Ken Omega

Ken Omega

 New York City, New York, USA
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Born and raised in Brooklyn, NY, Ken Omega started off his career as the vocalist for the 90s Def Jam group, "Downtown Science" then pursued several underground, independent projects. His new LP, "Rematerializin" drops April 12, 2012.


Born and raised in Fort Greene, Brooklyn, NY, Ken Omega has been on the hip hop scene for years rhymin' and grindin'. Going by the name of Bosco Money, he was the vocalist for the Def Jam duo (along with Sam Sever on the decks), called Downtown Science in the early 90's.  Their best known songs are "Room To Breathe", "Radioactive", "This Is a Visit", "If I Was", "Summertime" and "The Topic Drift".

Since Def Jam, Ken Omega/Bosco Money went on to drop several underground, independent hits such as "I Get Lifted" & "Ride The B Side" in 1992 and "Da Plan" in 1993.

After "Da Plan", Ken Omega took a break from music to finish his BS in Business and Aviation, and complete his Private Helicopter License. He subsequently went on to gain his Commercial Helicopter Pilot rating as well. But it wasn't long before he was back at the music.

In 1999 Ken Omega/Bosco Money Released the LP "Secret Agent" - a hip hop opera about a spy who goes undercover to rescue rap from the clutches of commercialism.  In 2002 Ken explored other music genres and released the funk rock LP "Rock Star". That album featured the highly acclaimed song "Sun God" which aired on the classic rock station Q104.3 FM in the NY / Tri-State area.

In 2003, Ken returned to hip hop, with a new LP called "Omega 710". A new name and flow was beginning to emerge. The most noteworthy cuts off that album are "Heat", "Is You Is" and "All Jokes Aside", the last of which featured a guest appearance by MC Fortune 500.

In 2004 Bosco Money released the Meteor EP as Bos Omega. This 5-song mini LP contained the bangers "Get Back", "Meteor" and "Spy Story". That same year, Bos Omega featured on the song "TV" which he performed with Vernon Reid and DJ logic (The Yohimbe Brothers), and which was released on their album "The Tao of Yo" (Thirsty Ear Recordings).

In 2006 Bos changed his name to Omega, and took it to the street with a new project called "High Rollers", which he spearheaded and produced.  The LP was called "The High Roller Mix CD Volume 1" and contained some truly great cuts. These were "Be Somebody", The Greatest Story Ever Told", "Superstarz" and "Get Lit".  The High Rollers were Omega, Fortune 500, and another MC known as Bazz Boogie.

In 2007, Ken got back to his neighborhood roots and hosted the Fort Greene Festival, one of Brooklyn's premiere summer events featuring an annual celebration of culture, cuisine and artistic diversity of Brooklyn. He introduced top hip hop acts such as Talib Kweli, Jean Grae, Claudette Ortiz, GC and Soul Mafia, South African All Stars, Lizz Fields, Mikanic, Marco Polo, Red Clay, Chip Foo & Shae Fiol and others.

Fast forward to the present, and we see Ken Omega releasing his new LP, "Rematerializin" on April 12, 2012 under H CIpher Entertainment, a new Brooklyn-based indie label specializing in hip hop and urban pop music. The LPs songs and interludes about UFOs and parallel universes serve as a metaphor for Ken’s time away from the industry and his resurfacing. Currently posted on Sound Cloud are two sample tracks - “Cipher the Master” and “Breakaday” - that can be accessed at  

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