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Ken Rubenstein

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Just a beginner trying out some things.


Love Leonard Cohen. Studying blues guitar with Kenny Sultan


Darkness in the Light

Written By: Ken Rubenstein

I hear the noise of the talking heads
I hear reports of the blown up dead
I hear the lies of the politicos
I hear the cries of the poor and low

Without clouds we'd never the see the sun
Without strife we'd never know the one
Without low we'd never rise above
Without pain we'd never learn to love
And it goes on and on

I see a koi swimming in a pond
I see a frog squatting on a frond
I see a hawk circling in the sky
I'm drowned in light and I don't know why

I'm getting old and my body hurts
Sometimes it's hard to see through all the dirt
Yet I know that I'm a lucky soul
So stop complainin' and let's rock and roll




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