Ken Saurajen

Ken Saurajen


Ken Saurajen is an Australian lyricist and composer of contemporary Christian music. Writing and singing out of Sydney Australia and through the magnificent God-given instrument of music, Ken's songs de-emphasise the role of the worship musician and draw the focus of praise and attention to Jesus.


Many have found it difficult to believe that Clear the Temple is the debut album of new Australian singer-songwriter, Ken Saurajen. Written out of Sydney Australia, Clear the Temple demonstrates Saurajen's refreshingly honest and uncluttered passion: to de-emphasise the role of the worship musician, draw the focus of praise and attention to Jesus and allow space and time for the movement of the Holy Spirit. From the celebrative abandonment of Love For the Day is Near to the tender submission of Peace As Beautiful and the faithfulness of Higher Than I, the album resoundingly achieves its goals with remarkable variety and a high level of musical maturity. However, it is hard to go past the title track, Clear the Temple, which captures the raw essence of Saurajen's music - clearing our hearts, minds and souls for the beautiful privilege of true worship.


Clear the Temple Discography: Love, For the Day is Near; Higher than I; Peace as Beautiful; Great and Hidden Things; Stars (The Creation Song); Clear the Temple; Let Your Flags Fly

Set List

Flexible songset arrangements from 40 to 60 minutes; 8-10 songs; mixtures of original and covers as requested