Kenshiro is Drum'n Bass de luxe. Live. Kenshiro is deep, afloat and catchy. Kenshiro is a purely sudorific party. Kenshiro is sushi for the ears.


This Drum'n'Bass formation from Aachen offers a repertoire rich in variation that exhausts the whole range of the breakbeat universe:
Dark,vigorous Drum'n'Bass - patterns, shimmering sound particles, that can also float in more ambient fields, labyrinthic rhythm lines, but also very straight stressed tuneful sections with an auditory-current pinch of pop appeal - the Kenshiro sound spectrum has no fear of contact, rather
more facets.
Especially on stage: Powerful, well fed basses which allow higher hit for the heart and the controller of each amplifier.
Polished, funky arrangements with a lot of drive and the certain kick.
And the ingenious vocal-dual of Burak Selz and Giulio Castegini and their thrilling dialog of Singin'n'Freestylin', that functions like a clip and breathes an extra dose of life into the tracks.
Kenshiro is live!!!!!!


Justin Time Promo EP (unsigned)

radio airplay: Stir

Set List

1-Intro to the top
2-Justin time
3-crazy omar
4-number 1
5-fat dude
6-release the man
10-space bugs
11 malibu
12- streets