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Kent Curtiss Band

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Imagine Barenaked Ladies, Elvis Costello and Talking Heads getting in a fist fight with Steve Taylor and Jars of Clay. When the dust settled you’d have something along the lines of the Kent Curtiss Band.


Born in Santa Cruz, California in the sixties, Kent grew up in a musically eclectic household. Music had always been one of his passions but he was forced to lay it down for many years.
That musical passion was rekindled after moving to western Montana in 1993 and Kent became a founding member of several local bands. Kent assembled the Kent Curtiss Band in 2003 as a vehicle to share the fountain of original material that he’s written over the last several years.
Kent has assembled a talented group of musicians and has received critical acclaim for the effort. In May, 2003 Kent and his band won top prize at the Song Bird Talent Challenge in Couer D’alene, Idaho from a field of over eighty artists.
In October of 2005 Kent and company had the honor of opening a local show for national act, Apologetix. Afterwards, Apologetix lead singer, J. Jackson, declared KCB was, “the finest opening band we’ve ever had.”
Kent’s live show is complimented by the antics of lead guitarist Tom Nash, the rock solid rhythm section of Jack Barnings and Rick Lane on drums and bass, and the sweet harmonies and keyboard work of Janet Curtiss and Cyndy Hull. Together, with the ever-faithful Robert Parr on the sound board, their music reaches across musical, spiritual, and generational borders, encouraging one and all. A positive, rocking, and joyful message with a backbeat!


Kindom Come

Written By: Kent Curtiss

Mama's in the kitchen got the kettle on
Daddy's on the mower, he's a cutting on the lawn
Brother watching TV, sister on the phone
All the lights are on but there ain’t nobody home

We get so busy dotting i's and crossing t's
We fail to notice there's a change upon the breeze
I'm just a praying we awake before the dawn
The Kingdom's coming so which side are you on

Everybody's busy, got no time to stop
Everybody's dizzy 'cause they've spinning like a top
Everybody's happy, everybody's fine
Everybody got to tow the cocktail party line

You can dance upon the shadow of your doubt
Shake and rattle 'til you have to Twist and Shout
I'm just a praying we awake before the dawn
The Kingdom's coming so which side are you on

Ain't no one agreeing on the road to Shangri-La
Ain't nobody seeing what they saying that they saw
See no signs of motion, see no signs of hope
When we look the wrong direction through the cosmic telescope

UFOlogists and cargo cults agree
Something out there that's bigger than you and me
I'm just a praying we awake before the dawn
The Kingdom's coming so which side are you on

Should Have Known

Written By: Kent Curtiss

Should Have Known

Looking back upon my life a pattern has emerged
When all is well I wander wide
You give me all the rope I need to push the envelope
Until the noose is neatly tied

I should have known better
The lessons leaned when I was young
My ABC’s, my 123’s, thank you and please
I should have known better

I've tried to hedge my bets with educated guesstimates
Of just how far you'll let me run
The wheel of misfortune turns, I've danced upon each bridge I've burned
And waited for rescue to come

A gentle summer breeze beneath the sword of Damocles
Blind king of all that I survey
Each time you find me there enthroned in my electric chair
You come and spirit me away.

Hammer & Anvil

Written By: Kent Curtiss

Hammer & Anvil

Here I stand stiff necked and proud
I raise my fist defying You aloud
Once again I have dug this hole by living my own way
In a still small voice I thought I heard You say

The hammer wears out long before the anvil, my friend
If you beat your head against the wall which one will cave in
You can swim against the current to the bitter end
But the hammer wears out long before the anvil, my friend

Boasted in myself but I was wrong
Followed at a distance for far too long
Warmed my bones by the enemies fire
Three times denied Your name
Once again I thought I heard You say


Resisting You at every turn, I wonder will I never learn
I was such a fool to turn from what You gave me
Sticks and stones will break my bones but the word of God will save me


Unlikely Places: 2007, Snappy Dingo Records
Bread & Water: 2003, Snappy Dingo Records
You can hear clips from these releases at either of the following addresses.....

Set List

We play original material and our set lengths vary according to the situation.