Kent Eastwood

Kent Eastwood

 Miami, Florida, USA
SoloHip HopR&B

I like to say my music is interesting every time you listen to a new track. My skill varies depending on the beat I'm rhyming too. I don't like to think or say that I have a particular style although a lot of other artist do. I try not to box myself in with the same sound, style, or flavor.


Raised under the influence of Miami’s infamous “Little Haiti” community, Kent Eastwood has learned a lot. Music was in his life at an early age as well as the negativity associated with the streets.

His fascination with Hip-Hop music started in his early teens quoting rhymes from some of his favorite rappers. It was then; high school friends challenged him to start writing his own material.

Unknowingly at the time, it was that encouragement from his friends that pushed him down the path towards destiny. He didn’t take the art of rhyming seriously until the turn of a century. Kent Eastwood honed his craft for years before attempting to become an artist.

After writing rhymes for so many years, Kent Eastwood would often perform his material at local venues throughout Miami, FL. The attention he received at these small venues provided him the nudge he needed to pursue music.

Kent Eastwood has had the pleasure of performing at several notable venues including Studio 19 in Miami, The Office strip club on Miami Beach, Jazid night club on South Beach, All Sports Bar & Grill in Miami Gardens and not to mention, a "Dj appreciation" event held at the world's famous "Chef Creole" on 54th street (Miami, FL).

The event held at "All Sports Bar & Grill" was a birthday celebration for one of the members of the infamous "2 Live Crew". Kent Eastwood was honored to have been one of the many performers chosen by the event’s promoter.

Kent Eastwood’s rhymes reflect his background, blending life on the streets with his intellect and hustle. His motivation for music are often drawn from the struggle and grind that he and those around him have lived. He draws inspiration from real life events as well as the rappers who inspire him such as 2pac and Scarface to name a few.


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Set List

45 minute set of original songs along with any remixes I've done.