Ken Tizzard

Ken Tizzard


Singer/songwriter breaking new boundaries using the six string bass as primary accompaniment. Shows range from solo performances and small ensembles(guitar, cello) to full symphonic backing.


For twelve years Ken was a member of Canadian rock band The Watchmen. As one of the hardest working bands in Canada, The Watchmen ascended to the elite of Canadian rock and with a series of diverse records and a string of top ten singles and Gold and Platinum records that established a highly appealing signature sound. In 2001 Ken began collaborating with Big Wreck front man Ian Thornley on a new band, Thornley. In late 2003 Thornley recorded their debut album “Come Again” which was received well in both Canada and the U.S. Ken has performed thousands of concerts worldwide. From dark, intimate cabaret style clubs in Russia to entertaining millions worldwide on The Tonight Show, Ken has played in many diverse situations. Nowadays Ken plans to craft a new niche for himself with an exciting new sound that focuses on diversifying the role of the bass.


Thornley - Come Again - 2004 (Gold)
-So Far So Good
-Come Again

Shadrak - Ep... 2003

The Watchmen - SloMotion - 2001 (Gold)
-Absolutely Anytime

The Watchmen - Live at the Hopeton (Australia). 1999

The Watchmen - Silent Radar - 1998 (Gold)
-Any Day Now
-Brighter Hell

The Watchmen - Brand New Day - 1995 (Gold)
-Shut Up

The Watchmen - Beach Tunes 1996

The Watchmen - In The Trees - 1994 (Gold and Platinum)
-All Uncovered
-Boneyard Tree

plus others...

Come Again - Thornley
So Far So Good - Thornley
SloMotion - The Watchmen
Holiday - The Watchmen
Happy Endings - Shadrak
Brighter Hell - The Watchmen
Zoom - The Watchmen
Shut - Up - The Watchmen
Incarnate - The Watchmen
Any Day Now - The Watchmen
Stereo - The Watchmen
All Uncovered - The Watchmen
Boneyard Tree - The Watchmen

Television appearances: The Tonight Show with Jay Leno, Vicki Gabereau, Mike Bullard, Hey Hey It’s Saturday (Australia), Canada AM, Rita McNeil and many others...

Ken has worked in the music world as producer and remixer on such projects as:
Gibbus - self titled cd, Void IX - self-titled cd, Shadrak - EP..., See Spot Run, France’s TelePopMusik plus many others.

Set List

Sets can run as one 75 minute or two 40 minute sets.

Set one:
I Can't Believe - K. Tizzard
Overkill - Colin Hay
If You Were Wrong - K. Tizzard
Because of You - K. Tizzard
Mad World - Tears For Fears
Nothing Lasts - Matthew Sweet
Fly - Nick Drake
Hallilujah - L. Cohen
Sorry - K. Tizzard
Too Far Down - Husker Du

Set Two:
Happy - K. Tizzard
Ride - Nick Drake
13 Minutes - K. Tizzard
Strummer - K. Tizzard
Holiday - The Watchmen
Happy Endings - K. Tizzard
Take A Chance - K. Tizzard
Where Were You? - K. Tizzard