Ken Tizzard With Bad Intent (Bassist for The Watchmen / Thornley)

Ken Tizzard With Bad Intent (Bassist for The Watchmen / Thornley)


A Pedal Steel Rock and Roll Experience.

A rock and roll trio featuring 12-string Pedal steel and the main focus. Blending rock with country and folk Bad Intent deliver a wall of sound with lyrical themes focussing on life experiences.


Ken Tizzard With Bad Intent

“A Pedal Steel Rock and Roll Experience”

Ken Tizzard’s newest album, “The Goodness Of Bad Intent”, once again presents an ever-changing musical artist. With this record Ken delves deeply into the world of the 12-string pedal steel. With a sound that falls somewhere between George Jones and Tom Petty combined with the attitude of early Husker Du this new record is another first for Ken Tizzard.

Powerhouse rhythm section, Dave Fischer and Ken Grant, blend attitudes of rock and country to create a straight ahead and solid foundation for Ken's songs new and old.

"It took a long time, a lot of distractions and a great deal of joy and misery to get here. Understanding the true value of being a father and husband while trying to balance an all consuming passion for music has been my greatest battle."
One person working multiple roles creates a myriad of characters and personalities that define and make up Ken Tizzard and his music. While reinventing himself as a solo personality Ken Tizzard still performs with Canadian music staples Thornley/Big Wreck and the Watchmen.

With more than a decade and a half in the Canadian music scene Ken Tizzard, through his work with the Watchmen, Thornley and now his solo material, has received numerous Juno nominations, Much Music Awards, six gold and platinum records and has had music licensed to major television shows including CSI , Fashion Television and more. As well, Ken’s television appearances run the gamut from Breakfast Television to Bob Izumi’s Real Fishing, through to the Tonight Show with Jay Leno. From dark cabarets in northern Russia through to the Air Canada Center, Ken has performed in front of vast audiences in many variations sharing the stage with performers as diverse as Randy Bachman, Michael Burgess and the Toronto/Kitchener-Waterloo Symphony.


Ken Tizzard With Bad Intent - The Goodness Of Bad Intent

Ken Tizzard With The Variety Show Players - Between The Lines

Ken Tizzard with The Variety Show Players - Live at the Acoustic Grill

Ken Tizzard - Lost In Awe

Ken Tizzard - Quiet Storey House

Thornley - Come Again

The Watchmen - SloMotion

The Watchmen - Silent Radar

The Watchmen - Brand New Day

The Watchmen - In The Trees