Kent Johns

Kent Johns

 Three Rivers, Michigan, USA
SoloJazzNew Age

Composer instrumentalist, sometimes vocalist specializing in sophististicated, rhythmic, jazz or symphonic style music that quite simply falls between the cracks of all the current popular genere.


I guess I may be the quintessential model of the guy with the checkered past. Beginning my musical career as a classically trained trumpet player, I soon gravitated to the guitar during the early rock 'n roll era. It wasn't long before I tired of the endless thumping and monotony of never playing more than three chords in a row and became fascinated by the more sophisticated harmonies of the jazz world.

Working my way through university as a gigging musician, I began teaching high school music after graduation, but eventually realized the lack of personal musical challenge was numbing my sensibilities. So in response to this I decided to pursue a career in aviation, which took me all over the world making temporary homes in places like South Africa, Jordan, Greece and Saudi Arabia. Wherever I went I paid close attention to the local music and feel there may be hints of those influences in my own music today.

When a motorcycle accident just outside Athens, Greece in 1986 put and end to my flying career, I used the four-plus years spent in and out of hospitals to revive my music writing skills. More than anything else, it kept me from losing my mind during that harrowing period.

Back in the US, after learning to walk all over again, I took up the profession of computer programmer and have been working in the high pressure world of IT ever since.

So here we are in the twenty-first century and I feel I've pretty much "been there and done that" and it's now time to get back to the one thing I've never gotten over in my mind, music.

No, I'm not looking to make a huge career of it. I only want to write at a level that is complimentary to my sense of musical integrity, the idea of which would naturally bring with it a foregone conclusion I'll never become a household name. Still, I believe there may be room for opportunities in the film and TV arena for my music. At least enough to generate a comfortable, supplemental retirement income.

If nothing else, it should be interesting...and after all, isn't that what life's all about anyway?


In Your Eyes

Written By: R. Kent Johns (Just-Kent)


I just love to see
The love that I see
In your eyes.

Everything I want to be
Is right there for me to see
In your eyes.

You're my Never Ending Story
You're my Never, Never Land
You're my ruby slippers
To the land of Oz.

I'll never have to play
In Sergent's Lonely Hearts' Club Band
Because the world for me
Is right there in your eyes.

And when all of my tomorrows
Have become my yesterdays
And Heaven is to be
My final prize,

Then all that Paradise can be
Has been smiling back at me
In your eyes.


Written By: R. Kent Johns (Just-Kent)


Do I love you? Stay until Forever, then
You may see what I can do, you know.
'Cause I think I'll need until Forever
To show how much I need you And the way that I do. (I ask you)-

Do you know I've never seen Forever
But I think it just maybe, might be,
Just enough to let you know Forever is
Only getting started if you'll just invite me.

I see by the look in your eyes,
That you might like to give it a go...
Then it shouldn't come as any surprise
That there's one thing I gotta know - Please tell me -

Do you love me? Show me then Forever.
Let us see what we can do, because
Now, we've found us Baby, that's Forever.
I know we've gotta’ be the ones to make it through.

Long Distance Feeling

Written By: Kent Johns

The TV tells the Southland,
"Expect some evening rain".
I think I see the raindrops
Against your window pane.

Your telephone is ringing.
But You're not home again.
I leave the usual message,
Please call when you get in.

These miles and miles of love.
We cannot share our lives.
We only share the sky above.

Your face is here before me
As I hear you on the phone.
My mind is there beside you
But my body sleeps alone.

The neighbor calls his kids in.
The hour is getting late.
My dinner sits beside me
Getting colder on the plate.

The telephone is silent.
I move into the den.
But my heart begins to racing
As I think of you again.

These miles and miles of love
Though I need to share your life,
We only share the sky above.

I see your face before me
When I hear you on the phone.
My mind is there beside you
But my body sleeps alone.

I wander to my bedroom.
I have to get some rest.
I'll call you in the morning.
I start to get undressed.

The neighbor's dog is barking.
I think, "Now what the hell".
I open up my door
As your're about to ring my bell.

These miles and miles of love.
Just for now we'll share two lives once more
Beneath the stars above.

I hold you in my arms
As I unplug the telephone.
Tonight we'll be together
And nobody sleeps alone.