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Kent Koller

Utica, Michigan, United States

Utica, Michigan, United States
Band Blues Singer/Songwriter


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"Kent Koller"

Presented with an attractive blend of subtlety and textured passion, the contents of the debut full-length CD of Kent Koller generously reveal the talents of an accomplished guitarist with considerable ability and artistry as an articulate songwriter and vocalist—a rarified balance, perhaps, yet certainly evident on this twelve-song recording of original compositions which continually rewards listeners with the results of the musician's superb conjunction of fluid skill and emotional creativity.
Commencing appropriately with the sparkling notes of "Daylight," Koller's detailed guitar playing provides supple strength in counterpart to the rich vocal range that grants further definition to his intimate lyrics, a voice of soulful clarity that warmly caresses the verses of songs such as "Gold Hand" and "How You Love Me," some of the selections here which thematically bridge the high points and the seeming impasses of relationships, and the beauties of Nature reflecting back bittersweet hues upon tableaus of romanticism. This is work as impressive as it is heartfelt.
While Koller's songs may issue with musical aspects variously suggesting jazz and vocal pop, the psychedelic rock influences which emerge in vivid color at his full-band performances are more subdued on the CD, yet still apparent. In an unintended epiphany, a bit of the folk-rock flavor of '60s band Love is recalled by "Other Side," and the quieter dramas here carry a spatial presence of mood, as well, tonally embellishing further emotional color, another selection from the palette.
Though a solo CD, the rhythm section of John Spurrier (bass) and Jesse Wozniak (percussion) punctuates quietly and comfortably, at times in the manner of a jazz combo, yet providing rock elements at appropriate moments and meshing well with Koller's singular style. The group can be pleasingly strong in a live setting, providing a dimension distinct from Koller's solo live gigs, and Spurrier and Wozniak display almost telepathic restraint on some of the CD's more delicate compositions, such as "Made In Mexico" and "My Number One".
Koller's debut is one of well-realized consistency, with many other quirks and qualities that will be appreciated both by those who know his music already, and those who deserve to be exposed to his work, and this CD should certainly expand that audience significantly. There is truly more than can be described here; in time, you'll find yourself playing the music over and again, thinking of the lyrics, and surrendering yourself to the dreamscape they inspire. You may certainly be surprised. Enjoy it. I know you will. - James Thompson LLC

"Three's Company"

By Treasure Groh
Real Detroit Staff Writer

"I always wanted a trio; I always enjoyed working with multiple musicians," says Kent Koller while sipping tea at a favorite local spot. Sitting with his two new bandmates, Eric Van Buren and John McComb, Koller seems comfortable. Joking around while still taking their music quite seriously, the guys try to pinpoint just what their style is. "Some people say it's jazzy, some people say it's bluesy," says McComb.

Whatever their genre is (or is not) is of no consequence. The trio's talent makes it clear why Koller chose them to complete his new band. Both McComb and Van Buren came across Koller at his open mic nights at Goldfish Tea. Impressed and intrigued, both were immediately open to the idea of working with Koller. They've only been together for four months.

Koller began playing music in high school — this was after the Fisher Price microphone days, of course. After an unceremonious removal from his first band, Koller played solo at various open mic nights until he eventually assembled the first trio, which ultimately split up. Solo, Koller's style is more easily defined — acoustic and undeniably bluesy; this is what you'll get at any number of open mics Koller appears at. As a trio, however, his music takes on a different sound with the addition of McComb and Van Buren. "We bring a certain twist to it," McComb says. It's bluesy, jazzy, sexy — the kind of music that should be listened to in a dimly lit room while the audience sips on wine, or perhaps cognac. "The music transcends generations," says Van Buren.

With any luck, the trio will be working on a new album by the end of the year, with a possible spring release. Koller admits he doesn't have the money yet to tour, but hopes someday to make this his life. "I only want to have to play music, not be locked down by a day job.Even if it's 10 people in Minnesota who are really into it, then it's a worthwhile show." | RDW

The Kent Koller Trio w/ Nathan K, John Strucel, Cash Harrison, Jahi and Michele Whitlow • 5/14, 9 p.m. • The Vernors Room at the Crofoot • 1 S. Saginaw, Pontiac • $5 at the door
- Real Detroit Weekly


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Why you should know Kent Koller:

1. He writes original music
2. He is marginally attractive
3. He likes to do things differently