Kent Oliver

Kent Oliver


I explore relevant topics from today’s world, like, what it means to be a "Good Person" or "Prostate Exams" or even "How do zombies masturbate?".


Kent Oliver is first and foremost, unfortunately, a lifelong Kansas City Chiefs fan. Please don't hold this against him. Growing up in the Midwest gave him a glowing innocence that was shattered on a cold winter’s day when his parents informed him they were getting divorced. Years later, when the angst had subsided, he realized, what doesn't kill you, makes you funny and embarked on a lifelong quest to prove his twelfth grade industrial arts teacher wrong. He would indeed amount to "something". After working for years in the stinky taint of the entertainment industry, Radio, he studied comedy writing and improv at both the "The Second City" and "MI's Westside Comedy Theater".
"Abe Lincoln Presents: Live Sex Acts" became the first in a series of critically acclaimed sketch comedy shows followed by numerous improv and vocal appearances until finally one night, in a flash of brilliance (drunken stupor) he decided "I've got somethin' to say" and began his career as a standup comic. He counts, among his many influences, the incomparable, Bill Hicks (a profit who died to young, rest his soul) George Carlin and Steve Martin who should remind us all, every day, that funny starts with a "wild and crazy guy:-)"

When he's not doing standup, Kent is an avid fisherman also who loves to backpack, camp, hike and basically take any opportunity to avoid contact with people, most of which generally tend to annoy him. Unfortunately so do animals, bugs, and, worst of all, trees, who like to flaunt their height as if it makes them superior in some way... stupid trees!