Kentucky Beltfight

Kentucky Beltfight

 Minneapolis, Minnesota, USA

Midwestern Punk Rock Americana stuck to a dirty city sidewalk.


The four members of this band has played in countless bands from the Minneapolis scene over the span of the last 15+ years. Even though Kentucky Beltfight itself is a new band, started in early 2010, all members have been in the "industry" for quite some time. Having said all that, with Dan and Mikes background in the underground punk rock and metal of the late eighties, Beau's background in the super energetic punk rock of the late 90's and early 2000's and Nate's lifelong baptisim in the boogie woogie of the 70's, Kentucky Beltfight unexpectedly hits you right in the forehead at 70 mph. The Beltight will be playing extensively throughout the midwest in 2010 with plans for a full length release in early 2011.



Written By: Kentucky Beltfight

No need to read between the lines,
It's all around you all the time.
Do you remember where you were
at the first time we went to Iraq?

Do you remember where you were at when all those bell bottoms came back?

They said we'll never have to say "Never Again" again, you've seen it up on CNN
It takes a terrorist attck. Do you remember where you were at?

Do you remember where you were at, when everybody flew the American Flag?

Life becomes art and art becomes life? I don't really know about that but, does'nt this part sound cool?

They keep them in the culture closet
Dewey Decimal system causes
So pick one up and dust it off
And try to sell it with a cough

Do you remember where you were at when Anthrax didn't mean "I'm the Man"?



Set List

The Beltfight's setlist typically consists of a high speed locomotive of original songs with maybe a 70's tune thrown in for good measure.