Ken Weatherford

Ken Weatherford


In a song-set of acoustic pop-rock and passionate worship, Ken walks his audience through life's most humbling experiences. Ken's heartcry is that God has handcrafted each one of us for a special purpose. No matter the mess, we are "Made for More," and we are called to live like it.


t h e
a r t i s t

Ken Weatherford knows music. It’s in his blood—there’s a guitarist, pianist, or master vocalist on every branch of his family tree. It’s in his hands—after debuting in the 9:45 Worship Band at Christ United Methodist Church, Ken continued his career as the lead vocalist and keyboardist of the praise band Adam’s Apple, which opened for big-name acts LaRue and Mercy Me. It’s in his head—with a degree in vocal performance from Lambuth University, he’s learned everything from Bach to the Beatles. But most importantly, music is in his heart—this is what Ken Weatherford was born to do, and he knows it.

With over five years of experience in youth ministry and a beautiful wife by his side, Ken’s music gracefully bridges the gap between youth and young adults. Every note, every strum, and every beat is filtered through his own walk with Christ, forming a heartfelt compilation of childhood roots and clever insight. And with a sound that mirrors both Chris Tomlin’s worship cries and Billy Joel’s piano stylings, Ken’s acoustic pop-rock is bound to reach every ear—and every heart—in the crowd.

Now, as an independent Christian recording artist, the Memphis native is determined to make a living out of what he loves. Since graduating college, Ken has worked, played, and prayed tirelessly to answer God’s call to music ministry. With the help of dedicated musicians and up-and-coming producer Josh Vegors, he recorded his debut album Chalk (2005) at The Bennett House in Franklin, Tennessee. Since the album’s release, Ken has shared the stage with Lost & Found, Olivia the Band, and Christopher Ames. Just last fall, Ken worked with Skidd Mills of 747 Studios, who has produced albums for Third Day and Jennifer Knapp. He has also signed on as an Artist Associate for the Christian relief organization World Vision, providing his audience a personal way to help poverty-stricken children all over the world. Meanwhile, Ken can be found each Sunday morning at Memphis’s Galloway United Methodist Church, where he serves as worship leader for the new Open Door Worship service.

Ken may masquerade as a performer, but at heart, he’s simply a lead worshiper. Whether strumming casually in a coffeehouse or rocking a youth rally with his band, Ken turns the spotlight from the musician to the Maker, from the stage to the Spirit.

And the best part? It’s not just his career—it’s his passion.


Made for More

Written By: Ken and Casey Weatherford

She told him she was busy
With her fingers in the clay
How can Mary kneel at a time like this
It's just the way she was made

Made for More

He couldn't even see the man
But He heard about HIS grace
He cried mercy Lord and Jesus saw his heart
It's just the way he was made

Made for More

He told them He was coming
But He knew He couldn't stay
Cause even solid rock could not contain His love
It's just the way He was made

He was Made for More

Created in HIS image
New life in every day
to be in this world and not be of its trappings
It's just the way we were made

We were Made for More!

The Blackboard

Written By: Ken Weatherford

I sit here in confusion and I don't know why
I sit here on my own self reliance
It's time to cry out for You, Lord
I'm waiting, I'm waiting for You to show me, why can't You write it on a blackboard

Your will for my life I need
Your will for my life I need
Your will for my life I need Your will

I sit here and wallow in my pain I feel such shame for what I've done.
I sit here on my own without You, why can't I fix it my way?
I can't do it, no I need You. So take my life, take my will, through Your grace to me reveale

Your will for my life I need
Your will for my life I need
Your will for my life I need Your will

So I will wait for Your glory to shine
in my life
For while I sit in this fire I am refined through Your life
Into Your hands I committ to You my all cause its not mine
So let Your glory shine.

Untamed Faith

Written By: Ken and Casey Weatherford

What oil do I have?
2 Pennies worth of untamed faith
In sacrifice so sang their lives
these notes of silent praise

A touch of rarest passion
what hands have I to lend?
Reaching out and reaching in
with a love I cannot comprehend.

It's a crazy love unyielding unashamed.
To walk before the harshest eyes
And pour on Him, this bottled flame
It's a crazy love

Let my life be a love song for You, my Lord
Let my life be a love song for You,
my God
In all that I say, in all that I do
Let my life be a love song for You my God.

It's an eyes closed love a blind and beautiful trust
To offer every bit of self
and follow the will and not the must
It's an eyes closed love

Let my life be a love song for You, my Lord
Let my life be a love song for You,
my God
In all that I say, in all that I do
Let my life be a love song for You my God.


Ken's debut Album "Chalk" was released July 1st, 2005. It was recorded at the famed Bennett House in Franklin, TN, home to artists like Amy Grant, Michael W. Smith, Shaun Groves, and Building 429.

Set List

My set lists are custom-made to fit each venue. No matter the audience, length of time, or atmosphere, I offer a varied combination of both original, worship, and cover songs to suit your groups needs.

Come Get Lost / I Stand / I Try / Imagine Me Then / In the Gray / It is You / John 4 / Made for More / Poor Boy / Shadow Me In You / The Blackboard / Untamed Faith

Cover Artists
Andrew Osenga / Andrew Peterson / Bebo Norman / Ben Harper / Caedmon’s Call / Chris Tomlin / Coldplay / Damien Rice / David Crowder / David Grey / David Wilcox / Derek Webb / Jars of Clay / Matt Redman / Matt Wertz / Mercy Me / Ray Lomontagne / Sanders Bohlke / Shane & Shane / The Weepies / Third Day / Todd Agnew / Train / U2 /