Chicago, Illinois, USA
BandHip Hop

"There is something special about Kenwood"


Kenwood (Kennedy Davidson) was born February 21, 1989 in Chicago, IL. Kenwood is a coming up artist, and songwriter. At the age of 17 Kenwood was inspired to rap. His main influences were Jay-Z, Nas, Kanye West, Notorious B.I.G. and Tupac. Before the age of 17, Kenwood was a fantastic basketball player. His goal was to be in the NBA. Kenwood’s style came from his father, who is a preacher, and was inspired from a community infested with drugs, gangs, and poverty which gave him a reason to rap a positive message to change the world. Kenwood formed a group called The Movement which included Lenny Blu, Rezidue and King Lil Ron. They were joined together in the summer of 2008. The Movement formed because they all have a passion in speaking about empowerment and changing their communities; they called themselves The Movement because they wanted to spread the message of never giving up and always striving for your dreams. They performed at local venues all over Chicago and made a great impact on people’s lives. In 2010, Kenwood meet up with Sen Beatz and No Xcuess and joined forces with Muzikal Menace Records. Together they pushed Kenwood and his music to become the next artist to be a household name. Kenwood is here to make a positive difference in Hip Hop, and inspire people to do the same. Their bounce is yet to come.



The First Chapter 2007
Woodfinest 2008
The Goodest Mixtape Vol.1 2009
The Goodest Mixtape Vol.2 2010
The Footstep Mixtape( Release with The Movement) 2010


All I Ever Wanted 2010

Set List

Oh My
Ask and Nice
Best Rapper
So Good
Michael Jackson
Get Her Wrong
All I Ever Wanted
Thank You Lord

Kenwood is prepare to perform for 8- 20 minutes. All he need is a microphone and maybe a DJ if it could be provided.