kenyatta barnes

kenyatta barnes


an eclectic, avant-garde style of Christian music. introducing an unparalled combination of sounds, instruments and vocals in a vintage/new age kind of way while maintaining the integrity of Jesus Christ.


born and reared in a God-fearing household where music was considered my sibling. unlike real siblings, i began to grow a real passion for it to be around me all the time. my mother who is gifted to sing, play piano, and song write, like nobody’s business, became my greatest inspiration to pursue my love for music. i was given a record player at the age of 8 years and i played it routinely everyday after school. music had conceptualized itself into my spirit and had cultivated into an anointed vocal instrument.

in 2002, i was graced with the honor of releasing my first studio project which received tons of positive feedback. i was privileged to converse with some of gospel's greatest award winning artist such as bobby jones, vickie winans, dottie people, timothy wright, donald lawrence, kim burrell, and tonex. i have been featured on several radio talks show, national conventions as well as local and national events. i've opened for farmer jack's praise fest, sangs for gospel plays and commercials.

my Savior has permitted me to produce a second studio album. this time i’ve taken an avant-garde approach which displays some of the different characterictics of God. the album entitled, “i know”, is simply a depiction of the journey each Christian must sustain without yielding to the spiritual ammunition the enemy attempts to utilize against God’s people.

my lifelong passion is to expose the nakedness of Satan, while enlightening Christians of the power (equipment) that was left within us through the Holy Ghost. my vow is love God, to serve God; to inform His people that His coming is nigh and to be ready when the trumpet sounds!


2002 "to be continued" first studio album released
2006 "I know" second studio album released.

Set List

Each set varies depending on the occassion and the audience. My set typically consists of songs from every style of the album; an average of 3-4 songs in total (Live vs. soundtrack) 30 minutes vs. 20 minutes.