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The best kept secret in music



Please feel free to use this generalized FAQ for your story, to accompany any information provided in the biography. Thank you very much for your consideration in this matter.

1) What got you started in the music business?

The love for hip-hop, existing & surrounding rappers at that time, and ambition, all played a major role in my start in the music business.

2)What is your age range?


3) The pseudo ‘Earth Angel,’ where’d that derive from?

Originally, the name was Fallen Angel, but when I realized Satan was an Angel who fell from Heaven because he went against God, I didn’t want to be misrepresented. Kenyona is down to Earth with a positive attitude & Angelic harmony, hence Earth Angel.

4) What stands you apart from other female rappers?

My individuality, style, my sound, attitude, I can go on 4 days. Get 2 know me, Kenyona’s what’s up!

5) Growing up around rap greats like that of LL Cool J & Run-D-M-C, how was that experience?

Growing up around those rap greats mentioned was very influential on my decision to join the rap game. I was blessed to see, up close, the results of hard work from those guys. The hype and excitement got my adrenaline pumpin as well as my desire to pursue this career.

6) Being from NY, what made you make a song like “Back the F%#k Up” which has a really southern type of sound?

Why not? I like the Southern sound as well as the sound from up North, East & West. The versatility in me made it happen, along with the Features EA$E & TOONS.

7) Do you think that East Coast rappers will ever make a total comeback?

Everything is possible, have Faith, your about to see it go down.

8) You’re on the indie label, BeatForce Recording, how is that working out for you, seems like they’re really taking pride in your project?

At this point in the game it is too soon to evaluate the experience with BeatForce Recordings, especially because this is a fresh new start and a learning experience for both the label and myself. Right now its all about me. Presently I am the only signed act to BeatForce, but we’ll see, time will tell.

9) Will there be a tour in the works for you?

Yes, hopefully very soon. Check my website

10) When is your debut album slated to be released?

September 2005

11) What’s next for you?

Sky's the limit – shows, tour, video – I’m ready.

12) Where can you be checked out at?

Check the website for upcoming shows & venues.

"Meet "Earth's Angel"--KENYONA"

Written By Tom "Slim" Clover

When you think of artists who can sing and rap, names like Missy Elliott and Lauryn Hill no doubt spring to mind, but there is another name clamouring for the recognition such versatility brings. Enter Kenyona, Earth’s Angel, also known affectionately as E.A.
This 20-something Brooklyn–born sensation was raised in Hollis, Queens – the district made famous by local heroes Run DMC, and an area she sees as being “on and poppin’” when it comes to the urban music scene. This Hip-Hop heavy upbringing certainly played a part in Kenyona’s musical development, as she described how, “Darryl Mac from Run DMC used to live on my block and all the hottest rappers at the time would come through and show love.” From catching sight of names like Salt N Pepa and LL Cool J, the ‘hard-rapping lyricist with the Angelic singing voice’ took the music to her heart and spent years working on her own skills.
Finally, these skills are ready to be unleashed with the release of her album, ‘Razing Hell Til It’s Heaven’ including the first single, ‘Back Up’ via the independent Beatforce Recordings. With the single making noise on the DJ circuit, Kenyona is already moving into a position to fulfil her dreams to just “make music fun again.” And, with ten years of hard work under her belt, Kenyona realizes that Hip-Hop “will always be competitive,” while adding it really should “not be taken personal.” But don’t be fooled into thinking Kenyona only has one style up her sleeve, as where ‘Back Up’ brings that club heat, tracks like ‘Departure’ show a more thoughtful side as she addresses the difficult subject matter of a mother's abortion-associated ambivalence. But don’t get it twisted, her femininity doesn’t mean that she can’t hang with the streets, as she is equally at home in her Timberlands as she is in Manolo Blanicks.
Kenyona, whose name is African and derived from ‘Kenya,’ sees her name as representing strength, which she certainly usesto push herself forward in the music business. But, while she takes her motivation from the fact that “life is too short” and the realization that “God gave me a gift and it would be a sin not to use it the way He wants me to,” she also recognizes that her talent for singing and rapping helps her “uniqueness shine.” This uniqueness is no doubt what caught the attention of DMX’s manager and gave Kenyona her first glimpse of the music business; an industry that she feels needs a change as “radio needs more hotness and less nonsense.”
Having rocked shows including spots around New York such as Justins, Downtime and the Muse, Kenyona is getting good feedback from those that have heard her, describing how her work is well received by “those who know I put it down” with the multi-faceted lyricist simply adding that, “they feel me.” Deciding that the music business was for her after she “tried it, freaked it and wouldn’t stop,” this is one artist who is unlikely to let her burgeoning status go to her head, as she told Grind Mode Magazine, she hopes to be remembered as an honest, humble person, helpful to others, who loved making good music.” Showing this open side to her personality, Kenyona advises the aspiring youth to “stay positive” and “follow your dreams,” while also saying “staying in school is the key step in achieving your goals.”
Being a songwriter as well as a singing MC, Kenyona oversaw her upcoming project from beginning to end, and as she awaits her upcoming release date and the possibility that she may one day have the chance to work with names like Alicia Keys, Jay-Z and Missy Elliott, you can check her out online. Make sure to take some time to get closer to Kenyona at where you can peep pictures, performance listings and more.

- Grind Mode Magazine ( June '05


Interview By Scotti

Belles: You're born in Brooklyn, raised in Queens, what was it of the local scene that influenced you most & when did u get actively involved in hip-hop?

Kenyona: My surroundings in Hollis, Queens (New York) definitely influenced me a lot. DMC from Run DMC used to live on my block and I got to see a lot of the hottest artists come thru, like Run, LL Cool J, Jam Master Jay, Russell Simmons to name a few.

Belles: How did u hook up with Beatforce Records?

Kenyona: I hooked up with BeatForce Records about three years ago through another artist who was signed to BeatForce at the time, named Poetry The Don. I did a guest appearance on one of the tracks on Poetry’s album and the president of BeatForce liked what I was doing and told me he’d like to work with me. We stayed in touch, and almost a year later he called and asked if I’d be interested in recording my own album.

Belles: Did u find puttin out any mixtapes helped & if so, how?

Kenyona: Mix tapes, videos, posters shows – all help in the success of an artist. The more the public hears and sees you, the better. We’re just getting underway with the first single from my album. The single, “Back Up”, has an underground club feel and it has been picked up and is appearing on about 20 mixtapes throughout the Southeastern United States and Texas, so far.

Belles: Who produces your album Razing Hell Til It's Heavan & who else appears?

Kenyona: A great producer and artist by the name of Ronnie Smalls, “Jordan”, who produced the majority of the album “Raze Hell ‘til It’s Heaven”. I have a few unknown but hot features on the album. The Suspects, EA$E & Toons appear on the “Back Up” track. The Bama Boys from Montgomery Alabama are featured on the “Let’s Ride” track.

Belles: Do u like that r&b/hiphop flava the most, hiphop for the club?

Kenyona: I love both R&B and HiHop equally. The fact that I have combined the two makes the album hot, but there is a time and place for each sound.

Belles: What subject matter is included in your album, & is it important for you to send a message in your work?

Kenyona: I have a few subject matters on the album, but the most intense subject matter to me would be the son g titled “Departure," based on one’s experience with abortion. Yes, it is very important for me to send a positive message in my work.

Belles: Do u think it's important for female MCs to take a certain stance to get noticed in the hip-hop world?

Kenyona: Yes, so long as the stance taken is positive. You don’t want to be noticed in a negative way.

Belles: Are there organizations where u are which specifically promote females in hiphop?

Kenyona: None that I am familiar with in my area, but I know that they do exist.

Belles: Do u perform live much & in which territories. Will u tour the album?

Kenyona: Not as much as I would like to just yet, but if you visit my website at and request my appearance in you hood, I will do my best to make it happen. I definitely plan on touring the album.

Belles: What aspects of hiphop today do u think are -tive & which +tive?

Kenyona: That’s self-explanatory. When you hear songs promoting guns, sex & drugs – that’s negative. When you songs promoting love, unity, family & happiness, that is positive.

Belles: Have u a video for your single BACK UP & where do u expect it to get played/or where would u aim at if u had one?

Kenyona: No video for the single “Back Up” as of yet, but when we shoot it, I expect it to get played all over the world.

Belles: Are u lookin to get shine overseas & made any plans for that?

Kenyona: Of course, I plan to shine overseas. Just listen to the track on the album titled “SHE International” – it explains how I plan to shine worldwide.

Belles: Which media's backed u the most thus far?

Kenyona: We’re just starting out, and most of the attention so far has come from mixtapes and club deejays. It’s early in da game, but when the media discovers Kenyona –“all eyes on the prize”.

Belles: It's a huge market with 1000s of artists-how will u get the edge?

Kenyona: I have the edge > Stay focused, be humble. That’s the key. Don’t worry about others. Be yourself - you will go far.

Belles: Anythin else u wanna say?

Kenyona: Put God first in all that you do!
- Belles in Monica

"Interview: Kenyona"

The largest borough of New York City, Queens, has birthed many a prominent rapper in its time; Nas of the Bravehearts, Bulletproof Curt of the G-Unit, Prodigy and Havoc of Mobb Deep. It seems the region is almost synonymous with hip-hop, the ghost of rap coursing through the veins of every Queens rapper fighting to elevate their status above the level of mere "local rapper". One of those who has succeeded is Kenyona, a fiery lyricist from Hollis who claims to be harder than most and has the evidence to back it up — her single Back Up is an 808-led, sine-wave bouncing amalgamation of Down South crunk and straight East Coast gulliness that appears to be working its way round clubs up and down the United States of 'Mericaland. I caught up with Kenyona, partly to see what exactly has been making her such hot property, but mostly to try and get her number.


Kenyona, thanks for taking time out to do the interview and things. I've just been listening to the lead single, Back Up, and even though I ain't really into the whole "crunk" thing, your single's kinda hot. Seeing as you're from Queens, running with a southern-sounding lead single seems a bit of a jump. Whose idea was that?

I agree that although it’s hot, running with a southern-sounding single is a bit of a jump. That wasn't my idea. I was actually shocked when the label told me they had chosen Back Up featuring EA$E & Toons as my debut single.

You're pretty nice on the mic, I must say. How long you been doing this for? Was music something you've always wanted to do or did you suddenly sit up one day like, 'Shit, I should be a rapper!' or something?

Thanks, I’ve been putting it down for quite some time, 10 years. Having neighbours like Run DMC, JMJ and LL Cool J definitely inspired me to become a rapper. Also, the competition at the time did make me say 'shit, I should rap.'

Oh yeah, LL, DMC and them are from those ends, ain't they? You ever crossed paths with them?

Yes they are, and yes I have. DMC used to live on my block in Hollis and I used to deliver newspapers to his house. Yeah, I was a paper girl. His parents tipped well until they moved.

Man, I can understand how you found yourself such a fierce rhyme style hanging round on the same ends as dudes like LL and Run DMC, but you also have a singing voice on you as well.

It was later, after rapping for years, when I decided to sing, combining the two, thus the R&B hip-hop.

Right. You ever tried to seduce anyone using your singing voice?

I haven’t vocally seduced anyone just as yet, but I plan to.

I'm looking forward to it. Seriously, though, as far as the R&B singing, who can you count as your influences?

Aretha Franklin, Lauryn Hill, Mary J. Blige, to name a few.

Listening to some of your shit now, I notice that the production's on point too. Who handles the beats on your project? Anyone I'd know?

If you don’t know him, you soon will. His name is Ronnie Smalls, a.k.a. Jordan. He’s a talented guy, look out for him.

Will do. So, the album's called Raze Hell 'Til It's Heaven. As awesome and fiery as that shit sounds, where did that album title come from?

The name of the album came from a line in my lyrics; I chose it because if you knew how much hell I had to raze to get to this point, you’d understand. Occasionally I find myself having to raze hell to get heaven or peace in my life, and if that’s what I have to do to get it, so be it!

I'm definitely looking out for the album. Back Up's the first single, you shooting a video for that? Like, with strippers and belly dancers and shit?

There is definitely talk of a video for Back Up. As far as strippers and belly dancers go, well, we'll have to see what the future brings.

When's the album coming out? Also, since I'm living in the UK, could I order it over the internet or something? If I could, that would be totally awesome because then I could prove that there's better things on the internet than pornography.

That's what's up! The album is scheduled to be released September, 2005. You'll be able to purchase it from the internet as well as from stores near you.

Once again, Kenyona, thanks for the interview. Keep doing what you're doing, and if you start to get some major shine here in the UK, don't forget who put you on first. Spread some love a little bit. Peace.

Thanks for your interest in Kenyona, Earth’s Angel. I'll continue to work hard putting out hot shit that you can vibe to. Holla at your girl at One love. God bless.


So, as you can see, no phone number, but I came away a little bit wiser about Kenyona and her music. The single's fire, and from the two other album tracks I've heard, I can safely report that Raze Hell 'Til It's Heaven is shaping up to be a pretty solid album. Watch out for that when it drops into a store (and into an Internet) near you.

---X - Radio 10-4


"Back the F%#k Up"


Feeling a bit camera shy


Guns, drugs, slums and slugs...
The protypical backdrop for a debut album from a typical rapper.

Here enters the "Earth's Angel," Kenyona, affectionately called "EA..."

Far from being that typical chick that claims to sing and rap, Kenyona has, in the words of a popular critic; "come to bless the world with her positive energy, good will, and ascendant intentions. Kenyona will," he goes on to say, "be loved by all."

Brooklyn-born, Queens-reared, this hard-hitting lyricist with the angelic singing voice has been surrounded and influenced by hip-hop greats her entire life, so who would expect any different from her. Having grown up in the shadows of her neighbors, RUN D.M.C. and L.L. Cool J, in the Hollis section of New York's Queens Borough, Kenyona's artistic development was infused with hip-hop in its truest form. She spent years forging and perfecting her, Kenyona is ready to unearth her Heavenly gift...and give the hip-hop community what it has been longing for from a real female emcee.

Undoubtedly a skilled lyricist who likens her style to a blend of R. Kelly and Missy Elliot, when Kenyona embraces a pen, she writes with depth and intensity, that it is often reflected through her lyrical and vocal ability. With songs like her touching composition, "Departure," which addresses a mother's agonizing ambivalence associated with abortion, Kenyona proves that not only is she a rapper, but a rapper with purpose, as she does only what a real life angel would do, through some of her music. While she continues to impart knowledge, she dares not forget the lovers, as she drops the sensual and rhymthic "Body To Body" that is sure to keep the party-goers and hot bodies on the floor night after night. OK, so this lady can get gutta if you test her, as she proves that through her delivery of the in-your-face, 'this lady's not playing' single, "Back The F%#k Up," which is the first release off of Kenyona’s slated to be released album, Razing Hell ‘Til It’s Heaven.” Back the F %#k Up” has already gained accolades from some of the industry’s finest spin doctors, and is presently in heavy rotation on the club circuit, as it has been dubbed a certifiable ‘club banger.’

While she prefers her Timberlands to her Manolo Blanicks, Kenyona's street-smart feminity will hold you captive throughout her entire album as she entrances and excites you with her lyrics and vocal aptitude. "Dedicated and driven, smart and hungry" is how her long-time friend, Lisa, describes Kenyona. Her words and performance are emblazoned in her album which Kenyona oversaw from inception through production, from beginning to end.

With her first "derrty" south influenced single "Back the F%#k Up" presently taking the music industry by storm, her soon to be released debut album on BeatForce Recordings, is a heavenly concoction, filled with something for everyone. Kenyona will, at last, be unveiled to the world, and will finally descend on the realm of hip-hop with her debut album to showcase the talents of a brand new female rapper. "EA'" will be certain to convert wayward fans who have waited for a savior from the typical.