Kenzie and Kendal

Kenzie and Kendal

 Tulsa, Oklahoma, USA

The music is honest, real, and meaningful. Kenzie & Kendal are just two people singing songs about real things. They are a duo of sorts, a new sort of call and response, with melodic harmonies and thoughtful songwriting, focusing on strong lyrics and vivid stories.


Kenzie and Kendal began playing and writing music together in 2010. On their own they have been in dozens of bands, projects, and acts around Tulsa and other cities. Both have gigged in and out of state and have just begun playing around Tulsa/Oklahoma together as Kenzie & Kendal.


Six Feet Deep

Written By: Kenzie and Kendal

lover...why so sad?
cryin over what you had
you'd never understand
anything I ever said

you better hold your tongue
go on back where you came from
gotta pick up your feet when you run
and you'll be crying when I'm gone
you ain't foolin anyone
you ain't foolin anyone

lover, why so mad?
'cause you're the one who lost your head
running from the truth
this was all a game to you!

'cause I don't know
Who you are now
and I'll never know
How a thief like you could lock me a way
'guess I'll never know
what you're made of
'Cause I don't want you anymore

lover, you're dead to me
but you look so good...six feet deep
You never.. took off that mask
should have known you'd never last

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