Keonna Evans

Keonna Evans


Keonna Evans 17 yo all around entertainer. Singer, dancer, model, actress . My music is a mix of urban and pop. It's got a feel good groove that we have been missing since the 90's. I play the piano and guitar as well and write and produce a lot of my music. I'm about to be 18 and this is my future.


Keonna Evans is a 17 yo bi-racial triple threat who moved to Los Angeles at the age of 14 from Port Orchard Washington. She has been publicly singing since the age of 12. She was discovered on You Tube by a company in Seattle that then sent her to LA to meet with managers & agents to showcase her many talents. In LA she was offered multiple contracts from agents and managers. Her family then decided they would move to LA and make her dream a reality.
Following that move Keonna made top 60 on American Idol season 10 where her & 4 other 15 year olds were the only contestants in "group week" to receive a standing ovation from all 3 AI judges. This is where Keonna recieved her initial fan base. After being released from the year long contract, Keonna sang at multiple venues including the Home Depot Center for a televised LA Galaxy game, Hollywoods Key Club, and a Nick Cannon event at Paramount Studios, just to name a few. Along with singing Keonna has walked in multiple runway shows , danced in shows, as well as acted in multiple projects. Which enabled her to obtain her SAG/AFTRA card.
In the end creating and preforming music is where her heart is. Her music contains a feel good sound that makes you want to dance right along with her. Keonna is a natural born preformer and her music and shows will entwine your attention so much you won't want to look away. .


Mr Man :
Keonna Evans:
produced by Darryl Swanns

Caught you in Time:
Keonna Evans :
produced by Darryl Swans

Keonna Evans:
Produced by Darryl Swans