Kerbside is one of those exceptional acts people are amazed they haven't heard of yet. But don't take our word for it: "A heart-rending treat."(HOTPRESS), "A name to be aware of."(, "inspired live performances."(Galway Independent), "hugely emotive"(


Kerbside plays a compelling, rich kind of dark acoustic rock. Their driving guitars, textured vocals and the interplay between Kim and Sean's voices have impressed audiences throughout Ireland and Europe. Their self-produced debut album, "Anything Strange" received universal praise and their upcoming EP is currently being recorded in Grouse Lodge Studios with a release date of Fall 2008.


How Far

Written By: Sean Lightholder

I think I hurt someone last night;
they only got what they deserved.
I guess there could’ve been a fight,
but all I needed was words.
And there ain’t nothin’ in this world that's gonna make me feel,
you can call it what you like, I like to call it real
Oh misery,
Where have you gone?
Oh misery,
Have you forgotten someone?

I think I lost something last night
that I can never get back.
And if you want something in life,
well all you gotta do is ask.
Cause there ain’t nothing in this world gonna make me feel,


Written By: Sean Lightholder

They met
each other at a party.
She wore expectation like
a shawl,
sifting among
the cluttered conversations,
that didn't
say anything at all.

She said,
"I'm not expecting anything,"
He said,
that leaves room for me."

She said, "I like the way you smile . . ."
and he flickered
like a movie.

He took her
to his buildings,
climbing up into the sky,
the city lay there
at their feet
lapping like waves
against the traffic lights.

When love came in a rush
she felt
herself begin to go
a good head on your shoulders
won't save you
from the undertow.


Next April EP (2002)
Anything Strange (2006)

Set List

Fascination Blind
The Ex-Patriots
College Town
Stones to Bread
Far Away
How Far
Haphazard Emotions
10 minute Anniversary
Mahal Ko

Our set really depends on the gig. Acoustic performances would be radically different from our full electric set-up. We can play anywhere from a short set to up to 3 hours of original material.

As regards cover songs, again, it really depends on the crowd. From harder rock to a capella appalachian folk, we would customise our set to suit the venue/crowd.