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"Keren Gone **** - Purchase this CD"

In the vein of girl-rockers like Maren Ord and Avril Lavigne, Keren comes across with an emotionally charged album complete with rock-n-roll rock-outs and soft-girl songs. "Sleep" is a masterful slow song set with a backdrop of easy electric and acoustic guitars. "Timings Off" is another slower song with meaning and a catchy pop hook. The tone of this album may be a little to girlish for me, but Keren's voice is spectacular, and deserves to be highlighted on this site.
Favorite Tracks: Boy on TV, Sleep
Rating: 4 stars



usical artist Keren Deberg is showing off her singing and songwriting talents without an established record label behind her. Her debut album, “Gone,” was produced and released by her own label, Big Pea & A Dime Music, which Keren formed, guerilla style, in order to get her music out there.

Today, her music can be heard by millions across the country in just a click of a button, as owners of the new General Motors vehicles now have the option to hear Keren serenade them on their drive home from the dealership. General Motors is the first automotive company to offer the Mobile Digital Media System powered by Phatnoise as factory equipment. With the purchase of this option, consumers l have access to 20 hours of free content, including music from Keren.

Keren’s first CD “gone” has been getting great reviews, and songs from the album have already been featured on a variety of television shows such as Scrubs, Everwood, Jack and Bobby, and Laguna Beach: The Real Orange County. Keren herself appeared as a singing nurse on an episode of Scrubs. Additionally, gone can now be found at Apple’s iTunes store.
<> - THE BOOK L.A.


Keren DeBerg calls South Florida home, but the blue-haired singer/songwriter has been making a name for herself in Hollywood. "I love coming home. I've been working so hard for the last couple of years; now I can show my family and friends what I've been up to," she gushes. DeBerg has appeared as a singing nurse on Scrubs, and her music has been featured on Everwood and Laguna Beach. Her debut album, Gone, was produced and released by her label, Big Pea & A Dime Music. "It's awesome to be a woman running my own company. There aren't a lot of women in rock anymore. It's hard work, but it's really rewarding," she explains. Hear DeBerg tonight at 8:00 at Borders, - THE MIAMI NEW TIMES


With her haunting and melodic voice, Keren is a girl in a boy's musical world. Her album, Gone, will definitely be gone from shelves once listeners get an speakerful of her sound. The CD has vocals that gel with both mournful and upbeat guitar pieces. Keren is an artist for both young and old. Youthful and full of great sound, yet with a hint of old flavor, Gone will please all. - THE CELEBRITY CAFE


"gone" - self started indie label released first full length 2005
"boy on tv"- first single form record on many on-line radio stations. also, "running to stand still" the u2 cover is constantly getting us attention from u2 fans all over the world!


Feeling a bit camera shy


keren began carving her sound in the clubs of new york, leaving miami one day after high school graduation. playing feverishly in her adopted hometown, she built a strong and steady following. keren shined in performances on the final lilith fair and sang with punk troubadour jonathan richman (there’s something about mary) on his record “i’m so confused”, produced by the cars’ ric ocasek. keren continued to blaze new trails when she recently wrote and was featured in an article for seventeen magazine depicting the realities of being a girl in the boy’s guitar world. tracks from this new record have recently been featured on nbc’s “scrubs” & “miss match”, the wb’s “everwood” & mtv's "laguna beach" and have consistently caused reactions on message boards and emails, all asking, “who’s that girl?” she recently appeared on nbc’s srubs as a singing nurse as well.