KerianKerian Piper, the St. Lucia native is no new comer to the music scene. Currently settled in his favorite city, Toronto, Canada. Kerian has been performing all over the world, in pubs, night clubs, concert venues and some of the most luxurious cruise liners. Kerian has been making fans all over the world, from the Caribbean to South Africa and Asia.

A natural stage presence mixed with his powerful vocal ability, Kerian commands attention and he always gets it. He describes his own music as meaningful, inspiring and full of energy. Kerian's music is about life and living, stories people can relate too.

Starting in a choir in a small St. Lucian church at the age of 12, kerian always remembers his roots. His versatile range is a result of his love for many different genres of music, including soca, reggae, R&B and soul but his favorite is the edge of rock! This singer - songwriter is influenced by the likeness of Bob Marley, The Scorpions, Kings of Leon and Foo Fighters just to list a few. Kerian has seen the world but he's not done yet, there is so much more to see and share. His love for music and travel has inspired him to live the dream and share his musical talent with the world.