Keri Lynn Zwicker

Keri Lynn Zwicker


carbonfibre harpchick who sings like an angel and can play like the devil. vibrant rhythmic harp playing, celtic-styled vocals, dynamic stage presence. original and traditional. celtic. folk. latin.


Since her humble harp beginnings busking on the streets of Edmonton, Keri Lynn Zwicker has evolved into one of the most interesting harpists in North America. As one of the few Celtic harpists touring with a band, her position in David Wilkie's Cowboy Celtic has placed her at major festivals across the United States and Canada. Now as a solo performer Keri Lynn is adding her own edgy harpchick flair to traditional Celtic and Folk material as well as creating fresh new instrumentals.


Winter Ramble (2007)
Rich & Rare (2006)
Devil's Mill (1997)
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