Keri Noble

Keri Noble



Keri Noble writes songs, songs that range from aching and wistful to songs that cry in anguish or celebrate life with a thumping bottom. Keri has a big, wide emotion that whispers tenderly or thunders--in between, it rocks and sways, and takes you on a ride. As a matter of fact, the Boston Globe has called it "a profound emotional ride", and the ride is about to begin again as Keri creates new songs for her second record.

This grand emotion started growing in Keri as she was growing in Detroit, Michigan. Raised in a Southern Baptist family that headquartered out of an ethnic church, Keri was exposed to the raw side of town, and that is the side that listens to everything, and these sounds floated inside Keri until she grabbed them and used them to express the longings and sadness of a girl pounding to get outside the box.

Signed to EMI records by industry captains Bruce Lundvall, Iam Ralfini, and Arif Mardin, Keri came out of the box in 2004 with "Fearless", a record that connected across 21 worldwide EMI markets, and yielded top ten hits in Japan, major exposure Down Under, and a spot on Jonny Lang's 2005 tour, where Keri set sales records for an opening artist in venues across america. "Fearless" has been praised by big-shots like Billboard and major newspapers around the country, but it is the intimate connection that Keri immediately builds with her audience, old school, one-on-one, that has given Keri her grass-roots "Keri Noble Nation".

The girl that Got Outside The Box is coming back with more. New songs that sit like shadows and new songs that gallop, new songs that simmer and get sticky, and new songs that glisten. This is quite a ride, really.