Keri Noble

Keri Noble



I grew up in Detroit, Michigan. No, not a suburb, but
the city. We moved around a lot when I was little
(born in Texas, spent some time in Chicago before
settling down in the 313) but I call Detroit my home.
My dad’s a pastor of a Spanish speaking church in the
inner city. He was a white kid who grew up outside of
Lima, Peru, and if you want to know more about that,
you’ll have to ask him.

The truth is I started writing songs to compensate for
the things I couldn’t express in my real life. I found
it difficult to fit into the box (loving as it was)
that I was born into. So, the early songs are pretty
raw. I found out that I wasn’t the only one who felt
confused, trapped and out of place. That may have been
the best thing I’ve gotten out of this whole crazy
music experience…the fact that none of us are really

The songwriting journey has been interesting. At one
time I could only really write about pain. In the last
year and a half, I’ve started to expand my horizons,
and learn how to tell stories. I’ve written
30-something songs and taken the ultimate risk by
allowing myself to open up to the process of
co-writing. A year ago I met Kristen Hall (formerly of
SugarLand) and, together, we’ve written 4 songs.
That’s scary, people. But I did it, and I loved it,
and I’m excited to add that flavor to the mix. I’m
gonna keep writing. I’m gonna keep performing. I hope
you’ll take a listen to the new songs. They’re good.
Plus, they’re really the best way of getting a sense
of who I really am.


First Bites-2002
Keri Noble Live at Weesner Amphitheater- 2006
Red Wine 'til Daylight-2006

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