kerri lee

kerri lee


Contemporary pop music with a strong folk and Neo Celtic influence. Smooth vocals conveying an intiricate weave of melody and lyrics that are complimented by imaginitive, culturally diverse and colourful instrumentation on a solid percussive foundation of Latin and African rythms.


Kerri Lee is an Australian singer/poet with a variety of influences from Bob Dylan to Radiohead, Loreena McKennitt and PJ Harvey. The lyrics in her songs tell interesting stories, much in the true tradition of folk music with a futuristic, alternative pop twist, poetically and musically. Kerri Lee has been involved in the music industry for ten years, she has written songs for other artists and contributed to other recordings, apart from her own, with backing vocals. Kerri's recent album 'Mab Dreams' has received airplay in every Australian state and the song 'Cuchulainn', from this album, has been included in the second edition of 'Music Inspired by Art', written by American music professor and author,Gary Evans. She is currently rehearsing with her new band 'Templewitch' blending Middle Eastern sounds with her Neo Celtic style of music. Kerri brings her diverse style to each performance, she has performed live on air and at various venues, recently opening a National Trust art exhibition with her songs and was one the selected sonicbids artists in this years Unisong songwriting competition.



Written By: Kerri Lee

Oh my love where are going
Where are you going
Heavy tread for a fever much higher
With your sword hard edged and glowing
Forged from the embers of a mythical fire
Orange red tired horizons
Distat smoke where you have been
Where you bled from woundsa unknowing
It's so hard to render them clean
Your too long in this fight
Is time on your side
And God so it's not wrong to be right
At least not tonight
Heavy chest covered in leather
But your heart full of desire
Makes it's weight light as a feather
Upheld by your mystical wires
All strung out in your light
Carrying life to your blood
And your sun is far too bright
To darken your pride
So they'll leave saints in their wake
Make novices strong
You've been treading this hard road
Forever a soldier for too long
For too long Cuchulainn
There's no fate bound in leather
We're bitter sweet befor we are born
In this state rolling together
Our sight on the mystical dawn
And we'll see through this night
Attracting the light
That comes cause our sun
Is far too bright
To darken our pride.

Christ in a Waterfall

Written By: Kerri Lee

Moonchild there's a hole on the highway
Just a bold piece of sky you can slip through
Just a sound on the wind coming my way
Sunchild there's a colour in the sky today
Just a bold piece of paint that you dripped on
Splashing down anywhere
Breath it in as a half drowned lap dog
Blow it out as a pissed off demigog
Lay it down til it's sleeping at your feet
Send it out to the rest of the universe
Beam it up to the first borne satellite
Till it bows to the force of gravity
Moonchild there's a chill in my warm breast
Is your will just a spill from a wet dream
Seeping through the walls of reality
Or a burst with a Christ in a waterfall
Executed by the law of gravity
Crashing down pieces in the sea
Pushed round by a strong Poseidon
Outrun by a bold Odysseus
Flown home by the spirits of the underworld
They all thought he was born yesterday
Came down in the last cold shower
Till his hot wind blew them all away
Moonchild the sun let it get away catch it while it's still on fire
Throw it back while we stand a chance
Their shout soundsa a worn out siren
Drowned out by it's own deaf bitterness
All the same to the rain when it floods for days
They all thought she was born yesterday came down in the last cold shower
Till her hot wind blew them all away

Folk Song

Written By: Kerri Lee

I was born with the sun on my back
Fire in this world burns everything black
There's dust in our eyes and our feet on the cracks and a hot north wind prevailing
Iwas born with the rain on my tongue
And just an inkling of where I've come from
There's a little memory in my father's song
And now it's still remaining
Forgive me
I'm not sure which lore I see
But don't hold me down
Cause my time has come around
I was born where the stars cross the south
And the words taken out of my mouth
They shoved me in just to shove others out
Now we all try to save it
Forgive me I'm not sure which law I see
But don't hold me down
Cause my time has come around
I was born with this land in my heart
It's wild white surf and it's beautiful sharks
And that rainbow serpent in the true people's art
Well I'm just so glad to be here.


Three Heart Songs and Mona EP
Mab Dreams LP receiving airplay

Set List

All or any songs from the album Mab Dreams and the latest compositions that blend Middle Eastern influences with the Neo Celtic.