Kerri Manning

Kerri Manning

 St. Thomas, Ontario, CAN

Kerri Manning is a quintessential performer. She is rootsy with a rock edge. Whether she has a band behind her or is just melting your heart with her acoustic renditions of old and new songs as well as originals...

This is the girl you want at the party.


I have been performing for 20 years in and around my local community. It began with karaoke and local competitions. Then I joined my first band in 2002 called Tequila Mockingbird. It was a great learning experience on what to do and what not to do.

In 2003 I joined forces with Jim White who would turn out to be so much more than just a guitar player. We called ourselves "Red & White". I learned about harmony and arrangement. We played a mix of country and folk covers, mixed with some pop and rock. This went over well with our growing fan base. Then we started writing. We wrote our first song together in 15 minutes. Like lightening! I had never written more than poetry. I knew we were on to something.

By 2004, we were ready to record our first album, which we titled "Scattered Thoughts". We sold it at shows and made a little money. We produced this with Stanley Mark Herr and invited him to join the duo to become a trio. So, we needed a new name. Being a local band, we all know each other in this music community we live in. We used to have a local jam at a great pub called Benjamin's. This is where this new born trio had met. Mark had the thought that "Bennie's Junction" would be a great name and story about the beginning of this project. Was he ever right! We went on to write 23 original songs, play in many different venues and make tremendous friends. I began to learn guitar in 2005 thanks again to Jim White.

Bennie's Junction had a great run, playing together in many different combinations over 8 years. We were even a 7 piece ensemble for a while. Jim and I were always the constant. We enjoyed our last shows together in September 2011 at the International Plowing Match. We performed 11 shows in 5 days, and to much acclaim. Bennie's Junction called it quits when with heavy hearts we bid Jim farewell to Nova Scotia where he and his beautiful wife have retired.

So, what could the next step be? This question stumped me for a full year. Finally I decided that I would play a single. Then hire people as I need them for larger venues. "Kerri Manning, music for all occasions" was born!

Now to make sure you all find out who I am and what I do.


Love's End- Kerri Manning & Jim White
Secret Part- Kerri Manning & Jim White
About You- Jim White
White Boy- Jim White
No Good Daddy- Kerri Manning & Jim White
Road Trip- Kerri Manning & Jim White
Left is Memphis- Kerri Manning & Todd Haines
Sweet Company- Kerri Manning & Chris Miller
Dear Love- Kerri Manning & Chris Miller
That Was Long Ago- Jim White
Quarter in my Case- Kerri Manning
Long Train Home- Kerri Manning

Set List

Kerri Manning Song List
Updated January 24th, 2012


Good on You
Left is Memphis
Dear Love
White Boy
East Coast Runaway
About You
When Will I Learn
Road Trip
Love’s End
No Good Daddy
Secret Part
Quarter in my Case
Sweet Company
That Was Long Ago
Vicious Circle
Wild and Mighty Spell (the $400 song)
(Untitled) My Friend
Hands of Time
Judgement Day
Long Train Home To You


I’ve Just Seen a Face
Daddy Sang Bass
Rock Me
I Feel Lucky
I’ll Fly Away
Handle Me With Care
Ain’t No Sunshine
Copperhead Road
Here You Come Raining
Leaving on a Jet Plane
I’m Alright
Make a Liar Out of Me
La Bamba
Last Kiss
Under the Boardwalk
She’s Not There
When You Say Nothing at All
Nowhere Road
Sonny’s Dream
The Rabbit
Time of Your Life
Seven Bridges Road
Black Horse
Save Tonight
Fox on the Run
Slow Turning
Traveling Soldier
Bye Bye Love
Folsom Prison/Pinball Wizard
Farewell to