Kerri Ough

Kerri Ough


One minute, Kerri hurts your feelings with melancholic musical gems, and the next minute your laugh lines deepen with her witty repartee. This Ontario-grown girl not only amuses and entertains, but is a charming singer-songwriter that comes in an all-in-one, neatly-wrapped package.


As a solo-performer and member of the two-time award winning folk-roots trio the Good Lovelies, Kerri Ough divides her time between lone-song-writing capers in her basement and frantic-touring across Ontario with the band.

A velvety voice coupled with clever song writing gives Kerri an edge over the average singer-songwriter roaming Toronto’s sweet streets. Throw in humourous stage antics with unabashed personal story-telling and you get Kerri Ough: True-Blue Entertainer.

Kerri's music has aired on community and college radio stations, and her song "Old Lady" was awarded the number one spot on "Women of the 90's" Top 100 Songs of The Year 2008.

With her band’s current (insane) performance schedule, Kerri has opted to spend any free time hunkered down in the studio with producer Adam King to complete her first -- and highly anticipated -- full-length album set for release in 2008.


Old Lady

Written By: Kerri Ough

I love my mama and I love my father, my sisters
The grey in my hair and the lines on my face as the days go by

Try as you might to put up a fight, I don’t want to
Brittle bones, and a plate of scones, I can see it.

I’m gonna be a good old lady.

When the sun comes up I’ll reach for the cup by my bedside
Put in my teeth then I’ll slowly proceed to the backyard
Where I will talk too loud about days gone by, things were different
Gas was cheap and Luke and Laura were happy

I’m gonna be a good old lady

I’ll take walks with my walker around the block in the afternoon
And sit in my rocker doing crosswords and sipping at my Earl Grey tea
And I will use crumpled old tissues from my pocket
Tight white curls, a string of pearls, and a pantsuit

I’m gonna be a good old lady
Good old lady
Sweet Gramma

Early Curtains

Written By: Kerri Ough

Early Curtains

When I was a little girl
I thought it would be early curtains for me
So I packed up; I was ready
When I was nineteen

But I’m still here, it’s a quarter past four
All the dreams that I never dreamed up
Are all pouring and seeping outta me

And nobody was as surprised as I was
When suddenly this smile has cropped up
At the corner of my mouth

My mama was born with a scowl on her face,
A frown in her brow, some kinda war with her dad
And I know that’s not what I want
For me and my dad

My daddy and me, traveled country side
Unknown to me over grasses so green
I saw things clearly
Under the foggiest skies

Nobody was as surprised as I was
Most certainly, this smile has cropped up
at the corner of my mouth.

Now I can see all sorts of things
That I never thought were for me
White dresses, little faces
Like yours and mine

And I can’t deny it, it seems sorta nice
Thinking someday that I could be your misses
And you my safe place my embrace, my life

Nobody is as surprised as I am
Stubbornly, this smile has set up camp
At the corner of my mouth


Written By: Kerri Ough

Toothless and tasteless are these
Dreams that have been haunting me

Veiled, not entirely harm free
Hoping and praying you won’t see

I pay a cost for my words
You’ll never be beside me

Hateful and harmful are we
To those who don’t believe

Aching and longing for these
Little impossible things

I pay a cost for my words
You’ll never sleep beside me


~Full-length album coming in 2008.
~Full-length Good Lovelies album coming June 2008.
Good Lovelies "OH MY!" (2007)

Set List

A set list is mostly original work, with choice covers sung to amuse and entertain specific audiences.

Occasional performances of high-paced Bach pieces have been known to explode into a dimly-lit, ale-filled night spot.

Sets have been as short as 3 songs, and as long as two sets. Kerri is a versatile performer reaching teenage audiences, mature audiences, and both genders of all ages.