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Hollywood, CA~ August 8, 2005 ~ August 4th through 6th over 1,100 abstinence advocates gathered in the heart of Hollywood for the 9th Annual Abstinence Clearing House International Conference. Celebrities have exercised a powerful influence in today’s mission against premarital sex. Kerri Pomarolli is one of those celebrities who believe there is a new generation of young men and women who we should be focusing on. For her stand on abstinence Pomarolli was awarded a Certification of Excellence from the Abstinence Clearinghouse organization.

Pomarolli states, “I believe abstinence is best if instilled at a young age like it was for me. That gave me the strength to hold on to later in life. Abstinence doesn’t stop after high school; it’s a smart choice until you are married. We need organizations like this to help kids make the intelligent choice to remain pure for many reasons!”

Pomarolli was a guest speaker Saturday night combining both her gift of comedy and her “It’s Not What You Say, It’s What You Do”, how to say “No” stand for abstinence.
Her book “If I Am Waiting On God, Then What Am I Doing In The Christian Chatroom? Confessions of a Do-It-Yourself Single” tells of her struggles and temptations during her single life. The book is controversial yet a compelling read that shows the choices you can make.

About Kerri Pomarolli:

Kerri Pomarolli is one of today's fastest rising stars in the Christian arena and is being touted as the Christian Bridget Jones. Her lethal wit keeps audiences of all ages laughing with stories of her southern belle mother who's obsessed with seeing her only daughter married, and an Italian Father who's watched one too many episodes of the Soprano's, and tells everyone the family is in the witness protection program!
She is touring nationally with her hilarious, yet inspirational comedy routine. Kerri’s shows are getting national attention with standing room only at comedy clubs, corporate events, girl's night out, singles and marriage conferences, colleges and churches as a headliner and featured comedian.
Kerri is a veteran of television with credits that include 25 appearances on The Tonight Show, Comedy Central, Lifetime Network, ABC, Fox, TBN, CBN and The Total Living Network, among many other television appearances. She has 8 films under her belt and has performed in over 75 theater productions. - Christian Entertainment News

Christian comedian Kerri Pomarolli confesses she's been praying for singer Britney Spears "to get into the news again so I can get more work" portraying the haphazard singer in skits on "The Tonight Show With Jay Leno."

During some of her more than 25 appearances on Leno, Pomarolli portrayed President Bush's daughter Jenna, as well as skater Tonya Harding, Jay's prom date, and other characters.

"I love playing Jenna Bush," she said. "Those were hilarious, except that Jenna Bush didn't think they were hilarious and asked Jay to stop making fun of her." Those parodies ended. Still, every couple of months, Pomarolli is back in a "Jaywalking" sketch or some other zany spot. Pomarolli, a veteran of comedy clubs and rigorous training in the Second City comedy troupe, will do stand-up Christian humor in a show at 7 p.m. Dec. 18 at Scottsdale Bible Church. Joining her will be film veteran (now "Fear Factor" star) Stephen Baldwin and clean comic/musician Matt Jernigan.

From 1 to 3 p.m. that day, Pomarolli will be at Jesus Chapel Discount Bookstore, 8029 E. Roosevelt St., Scottsdale, signing copies of her new book, "If I'm Waiting on God, Then What Am I Doing on the Christian Chatroom?"

Pomarolli, along with veteran Hollywood actor Garrison "Gary" Hershberger ("Six Feet Under"), founded Act in Faith, a drama ministry.

"Gary and I decided one day that we wanted to start doing Christian drama that was really good, really excellent and that could use our talents that we had developed in Hollywood," Pomarolli said. "We have a passion for Hollywood, a heart for Christ, and we don't think that Christian entertainment should be mediocre."

The two appear at marriage conferences, retreats and prayer gatherings to apply their acting skills in dramas and skits they have written to illustrate moral situations.

There's plenty of room for rip-roaring humor in the serious business of faith, she said.

"If you look at my love life, you will see that God has a sense of humor," said Pomarolli, whose stand-up work and writings get immense mileage out of her being a hard-luck single woman. "I think God has the biggest sense of humor of anyone around, and it is my job to point those things out." The comic draws from everyday life and intentionally stays clear of bawdy humor. Pomarolli lines up under the "clean comedy" banner so "you can take your 6-year-old niece and your grandmother to the same show, and nobody is complaining about the content, no one is walking out angry, nobody is putting their hands over their heads, trying to get under the table."

"I call myself a comedian who happens to be a Christian," she said. Her religious preference is "just plain old Christian." She grew up in Dearborn, Mich., "mildly involved with God in my life." Her Web site ( says she was making people laugh at 2. Her mother sent her to dance classes, where she thrived until she was diagnosed with scoliosis at 11, underwent surgery and had two metal rods placed in her back. A ballet career tanked, she turned to acting and won the lead role in a Lillian Hellman play, "The Children's Hour."

On her way to earning a fine arts degree at the University of Michigan, Pomarolli performed in classical theater in Italy, sang in a Greek operetta and spent a summer studying at the Stella Adler Conservatory in New York. She trained and performed at the British American Drama Academy in London. From there, she went to Los Angeles to polish her acting and completed the rigorous two-year program of Second City.

"Second City was one of the first times in my life that God had really called me to be more open about my faith," she said. "So I was really known as the 'Christian,' and that was really hard sometimes because it is not easy when everyone is really into raunchy humor. They were always testing me to see how far I would go, to see if I would cave."

Pomarolli said she regularly prayed "for all the kids a Second City," noting a personal triumph when one young actor joined a church and credited it to her Christian witness.

The "brilliant comedians at Second City" are "the very best," she said, but she grew troubled. "I really felt like I was losing out. It was a losing battle for me because things were getting so dirty — I just couldn’t be part of those things anymore."

In the late 1990s, she stepped off on her own and now tries to balance her work in comedy clubs and churches, her Act in Faith drama plus TV and film. Pomarolli is also promoting a new CD, "Comedy Without Compromise," subtitled "Clean Comedy Has Never Been So Hilarious." It also features comedian Bone and Sherri Shepherd, both of ABC’s "Less Than Perfect." "My goal is to stay and fight for what I believe, just like everybody is fighting for theirs," she said. "I believe we need to stay, we need the Mel Gibsons, the Jim Caviezels ('The Passion of the Christ') ... whoever, to stand our ground because if I just stay in the churches, what good am I d - East Valley Life

Comedian keeps it clean in challenging surroundings

By MONIQUE NEWTON The Kansas City Star

A self-proclaimed “good” girl, Christian actor-converted-to-comic Kerri Pomarolli performs what might be called bash-free humor.

As an actress, Pomarolli had a recurring role as Kathy on the ABC soap “Port Charles,” as well as other roles on television and film. She is also a stage veteran who has performed in more than 75 theater productions, including “The Thompsons,” “Godspell” and “The Next Big Chill.” As a comedian, she has appeared on Comedy Central and “The Tonight Show With Jay Leno.”

With her comedy career going, she has also turned author. Pomarolli reveals her experiences as a single Christian woman in If I'm Waiting on God Then What Am I Doing on the Christian Chatroom: Confessions of a Do-It-Yourself Single, due in bookstores later this year.

Before performing next weekend in Independence, Pomarolli agreed to answer a few quick questions from The Star.

Q. When did you begin doing Christian comedy?

A. It was a few years ago when I was working as a film and TV actress doing soap operas and stuff. … I felt that as a Christian I was being compromised. I prayed one day … and God really gave me the idea to do standup. I started doing standup comedy, and Christianity is a big part of who I am, so it's not something I really planned. God had it in mind for me that Christians had to be in the clubs.

What is the hardest part of being a Christian comedian?

Well, sometimes I get to the clubs, and the comics that are dirty are on stage before me. It's hard to be the only Christian comedian in a club because it's spiritually depressing for me. And I have to follow the guy that bashes Christian comics. When I go out to the bars and the clubs and Christ is nowhere to be seen, it is very difficult sometimes.

I would ask that the Christians around the country pray for us Christian comics because we feel that this is our mission and we feel called to be here.

How do you avoid mean or humiliating comedy, which is so popular today?

I'm not mean and humiliating offstage, so why would I be mean and humiliating onstage? My tag line is, “We good girls get crazy, too — we run with scissors” just to break the ice … I'm not out to insult anybody.

Do you have any favorite non-Christian comedians?

Well, Lucille Ball, Carol Burnett and Tracey Ullman. - Kansas City Star

Kerri left 350 ladies ecstatic and encouraged. Some of our would-be prodigals found themselves in Proverbs 32 instead! In the midst of all the laughter, our ladies learned that God knows who we are, meets us where we are, and gives grace to smile their way through each day.

Mike Rumsey, Executive Pastor — Bethel Baptist
Troy, Illinois

Funny, entertaining, hilarious and completely charming, those are just a few of the adjectives used to describe Kerri Pomarolli, our guest comedian for our annual "Chicks on the Pond" event. She had everyone in attendance in unified laughter on funny subjects from A to Z. Even in the midst of major technical difficulties—like no lights—she kept them coming fast and funny. We love Kerri!

Michelle Hernandez
Manteca Community Church, CA

What a joy it was to have Kerri Pomarolli as our guest at "Girlville!" Besides being cute as a button, she is hilarious, hip and happening. I knew the first time I spoke to her that she would be a blessing with loads of humor.

Kerri’s performance was one of the funniest I’ve seen and as I looked around the auditorium, I saw the young and the old nearly rolling in the aisles.

Her story about wifely submission was something many of the younger gals (and some of us older ones too) could well relate to. In her second session with us, Kerri recounted her testimony – but believe me when I tell you that the girl cannot help but be funny, even when the subject is most serious. Her walk with Christ is evident and she has a depth of commitment and knowledge that is rarely seen. She was truly a delight and the happiness she expressed in the Jesus she worships is amazing. I would recommend her to anyone in any church setting. She is absolutely charming both as a person and a performer.

Rita Case
Women’s Ministry Director
First Baptist Church

We had record attendence for Ms Pomarolli's performance. They were truly entertained and blessed. Many wanted the evening to last and one woman who rarely attends church said, "When can we do this again?" Kerri Pomarolli is a draw across the board to women, old and young, saved and unsaved.

Gina L. Turner
Director of Women's Ministry
Diamond Bar EV Free Church

Kerri Pomarolli is a talented performer with an energy and fun personality that makes her performances engaging. Her comedy reflects her unique ability to laugh at herself and the craziness that has been her life. But to think of her in terms of a revolutionary is easy and can be summed up in one word, Faith. You may be wondering how can faith set this girl apart? There are others who have faith just what makes her faith so different?

In a day and age when most professing Christians barely look any different then the world Kerri stands out as a revolutionary of the faith because she is willing to walk out what she believes. I have known Kerri for more than a year now and watched her go through some serious personal struggles that would stop most she clings to the hand of her Lord and presses on. She understand that what she is doing is so much more than a career but is in reality a calling from the Lord and she doesn?t back down in the struggles. She strives to walk out her faith in all areas of her life. It is so much more than walking across the welcome mat of her church once or twice a week. Her trust and faith in God is woven throughout her life. Her hearts desire is to share her faith and point others the heart of the Lord she loves. I would say that anyone who is willing to walk the walk and not just talk the talk is truly a revolutionary.

Debbie Fuller
Christian Hollywood Magazine

Book Kerri Pomarolli while you can—she is destined to be a big star! Kerri had our Christian Single's Golf group laughing in the isles. Her show was the highlight of an awesome day of fun and fellowship. We asked Kerri to give her testimony and she delivered the gospel in a very poignant and compelling manner. Thank you Kerri for sharing your gift of joy and laughter!

Cindy Tait
Center for Healthcare Education, Inc. Riverside, CA

Kerri did a fantastic job! We were so blessed to have her. Everyone was thanking me for booking her! All weekend, people continued to quote her lines and continued to praise what an awesome job she did. Everyone had a fantastic time! She kicked off our new single's ministry with a bang. Most importantly, her Christian testimony touched many hearts. My friend was sharing how the guy next to him was inquiring about God and my friend had the awesome opportunity of sharing his testimony and the gospel with him. All because of God's work through Kerri. Thank you!

Pacific Coast Christian Church, San Clemente, CA

Kerri was very entertaining; but sobering as well. Her humorous presentation in the life of a single adult really made a lot of people reevaluate some of their priorities. She presented her faith with so much sensitivity; but was - Various


Still working on that hot first release.



Kerri Pomarolli

Comedian, Actress, Writer, Author, Speaker, Veteran of Theatre, Television and Film

Kerri to host GMA Awards pre show in Nashville April 5th, 2006

Television appearances:
- The Joni Show
- Living The Life (CBN) (ABC Family Network)
- Aspiring Women (TLN)
- General Hospital
- Port Charles
- Operation Style/Lifetime Network
- The Tonight Show (Cast) over 26 times
- Comedy Central (Guest and Warm Up Comedian)
- It Is Written (syndicated TBN)
- ABC Family Network
- She also just finished shooting a pilot presentation with her new husband Ron Mcgehee (Last Comic Standing 2) for a new comedy hybrid home improvement show “Newlywed Fix It” that is being considered at “WE Network” and “Do It Yourself Network” with East Gate Productions (The Dog Whisperer).

Films and Theatre (partial list)
- Deadlock
- Mr. Chick Magnet
- If They Only Knew
- Family Disturbance
- Pain Chain
- Featured roles in over 75 Live Theater Productions in LA & NYC and Europe

Kerri has been featured and interviewed for many national magazines.

Kerri will be on the cover of Today’s Christian Woman winter issue.

She is a regular guest on many national radio programs, local television interviews and featured in numerous newspapers.

Kerri gives insight on February 2006

Kerri will have her own bi monthly advice column, appropriately called “Confessions”, in the new national magazine Radiant set to launch in April 2006. Radiant is targeted to “twenty something” Christians and is part of Relevant Media Group.

Her cartoon, comic strip, KERRI, has found an eager market and is being considered for national syndication.

Kerri’s book, “If I Am Waiting On God, Then What Am I Doing In A Christian Chatroom?; Confessions Of A Do It Yourself Single” now in stores nationally. Published by Zondervan.

Kerri’s long awaited follow up CD and second release, Clean Comedy Strikes Back, is now available. The CD shares the hilarious antics of America’s most popular clean comedians, Kerri Pomarolli, Ron Mcgehee and Bob Smiley, plus as a special bonus of four inspirational songs from recording artist Christia Mantzke.

For her stand on abstinence Kerri was awarded a Certification of Excellence from the Abstinence Clearinghouse organization and was the keynote entertainer/speaker at the 2005 convention.

Board Member of Breaking into Hollywood. A non-profit organization promoting values in all areas of the entertainment industry.

Co-founder of Act In Faith Ministry with Gary Hershberger, a national touring Hollywood group of actors who write original dramas. Kerri and Gary appeared at the 2006 National Pastors Conference.

The Improv's: (Hollywood & Ontario, Brea, Dallas, West Palm Beach), Ice House, Comedy Store, Laugh Factory, M-Bar, Comedy Union, Main Street Comedy Club bringing her Clean Christian Comedy to secular comedy venues. Kerri has toured with Sherri Shephard, Comedian Bone, Anthony Griffith, and Ron Pearson among others.

Christian Events
Kerri has been part of the top Christian conferences and events such as Extraordinary Women, After Eve, Spirit West Coast, Alive Fest, and LifewayFest. Her shows are getting national attention with standing room only at comedy clubs, corporate events, girl's night out, singles and marriage conferences, churches and colleges.

Kerri delivers strong messages of how she gave God control of her live and Hollywood career and now is working full time with Jesus as her manager and loving every minute of it! Her audiences walk away inspired and also with sore sides from laughing so hard! Kerri has found comedy to be one of the best outreach tools churches can use today to reach out to the community.

She is touring comedy clubs, schools and churches with her hilarious, yet inspirational comedy routine. Kerri is a much-requested motivational speaker for retreats, conferences, banquets, churches, and singles events.

Kerri is a contributing writer in Flint Wainess’ new book "Its Not Me Its You”

Kerri is collaborating with author Matthew Paul Turner on upcoming book projects and tour.

Kerri is chosen to be part of new book “Relevant Nation 50 Revolutionaries Under 40” due out Fall 2006. Published by Relevant Press