Kerri Senkow

Kerri Senkow


Singer/Songwriter Kerri Senkow leaves her audience breathless, with songs of real life experiences. Folk/rock inspired tunes that people can relate to. Senkow performs with a natural energy and soulful manner which attracts everyone of all ages.


Senkow began performing in the summer of 2003 on street corners, and in front of provincial liquor stores, for anyone to hear. With always having a strong passion for music, and sharing her songs with others, she formed a 4 piece band in September of 2009 and has since been featured in several newspapers and radio stations across Saskatchewan. Senkow is driven by her love of music, and her natural ability to draw others into her lyrics and song. What makes Senkow stand out as a performer from other bands, is that she performs each set as if it's the last, and sets herself in the same mood she was when she wrote each heartfelt song. Her daughter is the encouragement and motivation she needs to be the most successful artist she can be, and will continue to always strive for more.


Senkow's demo's have been featured on the Saskatchewan New Artist Showcase 100.7, and her not yet released single "Not To Blame" receives frequent airplay on CBC Radio across the province. She's been featured on radio interviews on community radio stations such as CFCR Saskatoon, and 91.3 Regina. Her debut 5 song EP that she recorded with Award-Nominated David J Taylor is set to be released June 2010.

Set List

Senkow currently performs over 15 original songs that include :
Not To Blame
Underneath My Skin
Forgive Me
Sweet Nothings
All Around Me
And More......

She performs covers as well by artists such as Neil Young, Sarah MchLachlan, Norah Jones, Counting Crows, Lisa Loeb, and more....