Kerry Clark

Kerry Clark


Kerry Clark is the musical Norman Rockwell!


Kerry Clark’s music is like a Norman Rockwell painting. Familiar. Simple. Touching. Smile-provoking. His lyrics are a tender depiction of the human experience, and his melodies encapsulate a world of emotion in a snapshot moment. He sings his tribute to innocence and also provides a timely reminder of the way back.

From ballads to anthems to clarion calls, his songs tell tales from the every day human experience. Sometimes ordinary. Sometimes extraordinary. Always uplifting. They are a slice of life, so full of life.

If his songs were Rockwell paintings, they would show a porch light left on in the dark.
A finger pointing up. A view of the chaos in our world, and a vision of what’s behind the veil.

For those who appreciate the willingness to risk having a voice, Kerry’s comes like the cover of the Saturday Evening Post. Comforting and calming. A celebration of hope, of light, of family, of community, of a place called home.

Kerry Clark’s musical journey began in Fifth grade when his mother bought his father a guitar as an anniversary gift. “My dad taught me the 5 chords he knew”, Clark says remembering fondly. “I learned the songs of the singer-songwriters that moved me - John Denver, Harry Chapin, James Taylor.” Kerry learned and sang those songs until the gift of his songs and stories sang in his own heart. He has been writing ever since.

Kerry has been recording long enough to remember Lps! “My first RECORD came out in 1985”, he said, remembering the 1,000 copies of Life And Times that he sold out of the back of his van. He now has 4 Cds to his credit.

Career Highlights

• 911 Songs To Heal A Nation featured on PBS and CNN
• 1999 Lake Erie West - Male Vocalist of the Year
• 1998 Lake Erie West - Adult Contemporary Artist of the Year
• 1997 Lake Erie West - Male Vocalist of the Year,
Entertainer of the Year & Recording of the Year (nominee)
• 1996 Lake Erie West - Male Vocalist of the Year
• 1993 700 Club Christian - Male Vocalist of the Year
• Star Search '92 - Runner up
• member of folk group The New Christy Minstrels
• award winning Billboard magazine song writer
• TNN's Be A Star - winner
• Children's Miracle Network - host
• ESPN's Bob Mann Celebrity Sport Styles - theme song writer
• TNN's You Can Be A Star - winner
• scored music for the movie "Pennies For Heaven"
• appeared in concert with Randy Sparks, Lee Greenwood,
Rudy Vallee, Ray Stevens, Seals & Croft,
The Gatlin Brothers (and others).


Choose Love

Written By: Kerry Clark

I want to write a song 'bout tomorrow providing tomorrow's still here
It's a highway of hatred and anger that weaves through the fog of my fears
But I believe the sun is still shining somewhere above all these clouds
Where worry gives way to the wisdom that the time to start loving is now

I choose love I choose this time
To believe in the faith that my father's will can be mine
I choose peace to heal this world
I believe and agree that my heartbeat can be one with yours

I fall to my knees with conviction it's time for the worthiest prayer
This wisdom is not of my making it's the anger I breath in the air
But I believe in the power of people that the hardest of hearts can be changed
With the children and swords we are raising there's only one choice to be made


Choose that we all find forgiveness
As the one common view we can share
Choose that we all want to live this
Life as one family in prayer


Hey Old Man

Written By: Kerry Clark & Jeff Harris

I met him on the road from Jacksonville a weathered thumb a worn guitar
Said I figure you for a player too just like me bound for another bar
I ain't looking for no friendship here and I'm going as far as New Orleans
I s'pose it'd be ten hours if we stop for food and gasoline

He said I'm not much of a singer son more a painter with a pen
He said I only know four chords I'm trying to finish all the songs I've been

Hey old man won't you sing your songs
Let me look at your life
Hey old man take me down your road
It must be better than the one I'm on tonight

I broke the silence after sunset It's another damn long day behind
Old man my dreams and songs it seems ride a merry-go-round called my life
He said songs are nothing more than stories a mere reflection of a life
It's only fear that keeps you here it's through darkness that you'll find your light

He told me all about his younger days of what an angry man was he
I worked and I wasted years in waiting and now this old lonely man is me


We stopped to rest outside of Alabama when I woke I found him gone
I would have sworn he was just my dreaming until I found this unfinished song

Hey young man won't you sing your songs
Let them look at your life
Hey young man take them down your road
It must be better than the one I'm on tonight
Make it better than the one I tried to write

I Am A Quilt

Written By: Kerry Clark

I am a quilt that still remembers every stitch of needled thread
The loving hands that sewed and shaped me for a cold Decembers bed

Depression fell like snow that winter we waited by our old farm door
For the man who shared our pride and pillow his news was well worth waiting for.

I am more than thread I'm more than fabric From close-out bins and worn out shirts
A scrapbook of lives, old memories and stories that breath me life and give me worth

I am a quilt that still remembers their only daughter born in June
I was her comfort & companion, she would drag me room to room

The bedtime prayers & princess stories tucked in tight sweet dreams my girl
She went off in peace & pigtails to fight injustice in this world

I am a quilt and I still remember The darkness of a cardboard box
All packed away with old attic memories convinced that all but time forgot

I am a quilt that still remembers the wrapping paper white disguise
Her wedding day and separation I s'pose injustice found its fight

Illness came to us that summer her quilting hands and heart grew week
I tried to warn the cancer's coldness, she died softly in her sleep

Be blessed with a life thetas full of forgiveness that's how my quilted tag does read
Love is the thread that sews us together especially for you, with love me

I am a quilt that still remembers every stitch of needled thread
The loving hands that sewed and shaped me for a cold Decembers bed

I am more than thread I'm more than fabric From close-out bins bins worn out shirts
A scrapbook of lives, old memories and stories that breath me life and give me worth

I am a quilt that still remembers . . .


A Simple Man

Kerry's first album, A Simple Man, is a celebration of small moments. Of gifts. Of friendship. Of things that matter most. Simple things. Truths. It strikes deep chords.
"What you offer through your music is love. What more do we need?”
- R. Sobczak, Toledo, OH

A Simple Man honors the lives of ordinary people.

Build A Bridge

As a follow-up to his highly successful Simple Man, Kerry emerges from the studio with another blend of sweetly intoxicating harmonies and evocative instrumentation that establishes him as a rising star in the booming market of singer/songwriter, contemporary folk music.
From the sweeping orchestration that opens The Life of a Pioneer, to the fifties doo-wop of Time Will Tell, to the driving electric guitar that leads a grand piano through the intensely personal My Promise To You, Kerry's music touches on life's most intimate moments of joy, introspection, faith and discovery.

Choose Love

His third CD, Choose Love, is a message to the seeker within each of us, it is a guide toward internal expansion, it is a testament to the power inherent in someone who has aligned himself with Spirit and allows it to flow freely.

911- Songs To Heal A Nation

This CD is Kerry's response to the terrorist attack on the Pentagon and the World Trade Center September 11, 2001. Many of these songs have been featured in the PBS special, Reclaiming Hope. Ground Zero was featured on CNN's Wolf Blitzer show for the 6th month and year anniversary of the September tragedies.

Set List

A typical concert is 1 - 2 hours long. It includes songs and stories from my first four CDs. Performances can include familiar singer/songwriter and folk "standards".