Kerry Hill

Kerry Hill

 Melbourne, Victoria, AUS

My music: a reflection of memories, relationships, stories, feelings, emotions and experiences from over the years. Not just my experiences but others I have witnessed..It comes from deep within my heart incorporating my love of rock, haunting melodies, toe tapping pop & my beloved accoustic guitar


A versatile singer/songwriter who can just as easily perform rock to blues standards, Jazz to musical theatre showstoppers...Many years professional dancing and acting experience have enabled Kerry not to just sing a song however own each piece as if it were her own, from the heart with passion and feeling (just as the writer intended)

Kerry's love for performing and music started way back from her early childhood.. Born and growing up in a town north of Melbourne, Australia... her mother had her treading the dance floor & stage in tap and ballet shoes from the age of 3...Kerry performed in many theatrical stage shows, TV commercials, concerts and won countless eisteddfords & competitions around Australia including numourous television appearances.

As a young girl in the mid 1980's, Kerry was introduced to many prominent 'rock stars' that Kerry idolised ie: Paul Kelly, Divinyls, Jenny Morris etc..She was hooked!

Kerry is constantly seeking inspiration for more original material...She also seeks opportunities where she can to perform her music live in the Melbourne club scene and numerous Open Mic nights in town....Kerry has officially released her 'Something to Say' CD highlighting 6 of her original tracks with many more original pieces to be recorded in the future.


I'm Only

Written By: Kerry Hill

I wake up in a cold sweat and I
Still thinking of you and wondering why?
Your piercing eyes of red, red for death
An image I'll never forget
You succeded in possessing over me
Do you feel good? Do you feel relieved?
Cos something reached right up inside of me
Took the only thing I needed well

I know I've got it
You cant take it
You cant stop me now
I know I've made it
You cant break it
Just try and stop me if you can

I was always the little baby
A little too cute maybe?
What a sin to be so dainty
What a sin to be such a baby
Where did you go wrong do you remember?
Were you possessed, were you just the messenger?
Cos I remember when you had a heart of gold
When was your heart ever sold?

Dont mind my, Dont mind my, Dont mind my......cursin'
I'm only, I'm only, I'm only hurtin' hurtin....

Shattered Memories

Written By: Kerry Hill

I look out the window its a, its a brand new day
Its hard to believe that last night you went away
The sun is shining high, its a beautiful feeling oh why did you chose today? Today to stay away?

I get out of bed but my memory is faint
Its hard to remember half those things I said in vain
I check my reflection but I, don't see the real me, 'cos now you've gone, I'm only half as strong

Don't you understand me?
Don't you reprimand me
For something we've both fought about before

Looking at you and at me, how can we not see that
There's nothing wrong, can't go on chasing memories gone by
Only time can ease the pain not a thing to gain
By chasing Shattered Memories gone by

I'm dying to see you but I know you're hurting inside
I know that you're feeling betrayed but dont ask me why
Been through this so many times
I never committed the crime so
Lets be friends.....please make amends

Now dont you understand me?
Dont you reprimand me
For something we've both fought about before....

The Old Lane

Written By: Kerry Hill

Down the old lane where I first met you
We sang in the rain just like old lovers do
Then we sat for a while
Then you gave me that smile
Then we fell in love all over again

Walking along the old fence to my yard
I tripped on a nail tumbling over real hard
Then you gave me your hand
You pulled me closer where we stand
I would never, ever feel the same

Down the old Lane

You smiled in your chair as I sang for you on the bed
And I can still today remember all those soppy things we said
Then we switched off our minds
And you pulled across the blinds
All we could hear was the sound of rain

Down the old Lane

Well its a feeling that I cant deny
Its a feeling that I just cant hide
Its no wonder we keep coming back for more

Its been over a year since you moved away with your folks
And I have never felt so lonely and I never felt so alone
But today by suprise, I could not believe my eyes
Cos there you were, standing once again

Down the old lane
And you were standing
Down the old lane
Down the old lane
And you were standing
Down the old lane


'Kerry Hill - Something to Say' 6 solo track original CD

Set List

Midnight, I'm Only, Down the Old Lane, Shattered Memories, Higher Sky and Morning Sun (all orginals) numerous covers from bands as listed above