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"Walking through walls"


A review by Paul Raffaele

This is the first time I’ve heard Kerry Leigh and Expresso Lane, and it’s been one of those memorable moments when you come across a sparkling jewel and know that it will be a treasured part of your life from then on. From the moment I put on the CD, ‘Walking Through Walls,’ and heard the throbbing bass, aching guitar and smooth intelligent voice of Leigh on the first track, “something missing”, I knew that I’d discovered a band that said something important to me, and did it with music that rocked superbly in a cool sophisticated way.

I remember getting the same feeling when I first heard Dire Straits’, ‘Sultans Of Swing,” and Expresso Lane has much of that band’s powerfully understated driving force that appeals not by assaulting your senses with thrashing guitars and meaningless jabber, music for 12 year olds, but with restrained passion and intelligent lyrics. Leigh performs for adults, he knows we’ve suffered and celebrated much in life, and his deeply felt and emotive lyrics are among the best I’ve heard lately. The man is not only a musical wizard, writing the songs, playing guitar and doing lead and backup vocals, but he’s also a poet like the very best of rock’s aristocracy.

My favourite track is ‘only heaven knows,’ and Leigh squeezes your heart with such poignant and pointed lines as, ‘Bruises fade while the pain runs deep.’ This man has clearly lived life to the full, with all its tumbles and leaps. His imagery is also superior to much of today’s rock, especially in the brilliant ‘southside’ where he sings, ‘my love flew southside of the moon,’ and, ‘you threw my love to the wind,’ with such unvarnished truth that you want to reach into the speakers and hug him. Most rock lyric writers today don’t go much further than a few banal lines repeated over and over, as if they were looped in the studio, but Leigh constructs for his listeners appealing short stories in the lyrics of each of his songs.

Yet, despite the clear depths of his suffering, as all the great rock lyricists must reveal to us if they are to touch our hearts and senses, he offers salvation, singing of his girl that, ‘she’s as cool as a tall glass of water in the spring.’ Come to think of it, that’s a very good description of the band’s music, light years away from the screech and howl and Neanderthal lyrics of much of today’s rock.

Be warned. Like your first meeting with the very best Swiss chocolate, with its smooth and seductive taste that lingers on your tongue and in your mind long after the chocolate has melted away, once you put on ‘Walking Through Walls,’ and play a few numbers you’ll most likely become an addict, like me, always eager to hear more. Leigh’s music, lyrics and voice are that good. He’s superbly assisted by a bevy of musicians who include his wife Kate on piano, synths and backing vocals; George Zenikis and San Jesh Singh on bass; Damien Cotton on sax; and Kosta Theoridis on percussion.
- Paul Raffaele

"3 reviews"

Little bit Crazy

Dire Straits?
I like the mood of the song, little like Dire straits on the guitar sound, performance is confident, good lead vocals too, overall liking the song!
Reviewed by: entertainment2007 from United Kingdom

it is true
see this is another guy who can write. the arrangement is good . singing is cool suits the music . horns !! love it .... what a GREAT FEEL !!! this is very well done .. everything really fits this track .. good production ,, not because it is flashy but because the producer kept everything sounding as it should for this track .. GREAT JOB !!
Reviewed by: organikband from Vancouver, British Columbia, Canada

Days are Blue

What a performance. This song really got my attention. The bass was awsome and I loved the sax. All the vocals were good. The mix , arrangment and production was the best And the lyrics wow. Just a wonderful band and sound
Reviewed by: rbhardee from Fort Worth, Texas

Unusual, yet real
While the intro is long, it sets the expectations of something unusual to follow, and it does not disappoint. The male vocalist is intriguing. Love the bongo touch. This song is real!
Reviewed by: KrystalJayden from Griswold, Connecticut
- entertainment 2007


LP's: Kerry Leigh & Expresso Lane {Walking Through Walls}
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Kerry Leigh and Expresso Lane produce contemporary rock/pop with hints of Dire Straits and Chris Rea here and there but with their own 'algorhythms' thrown in that are distinctly Australian, British, and American persuasions in adult orientated intelligent songwriting and musicianship. The band were spawned in Sydney, Australia, Walking Through Walls was written and produced by Kerry Leigh, mixed by John Sayers, and features 10 very cool and stylish tracks that even the most discerning of audiophiles will find