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"3000 March for Jesus to a rap beat"

By Ervin Dyer, Post-Gazette Staff Writer

Rapper Jason Ogrosky, in his billowy sky-blue windsuit and darkly tinted wraparound sunshades, was rocking to "da beat."

Mike in hand and girl dancers at his side, he exhorted the crowd to move its feet.

"Throw yo hands up, throw yo hands up. And if ya know Jesus, somebody say, 'Oh, yeah!' "

Well, somebody did.

About 3,000 of them.

- Pittsburgh Post Gazette


"Enemies Nightmare"
"Guardian of the Truth"



Kerux (pronounced kay-roo) takes his name from the Greek word meaning ‘preacher’, ‘messenger’ or ‘herald’ of the gospel. The name is very appropriate because it best explains the mission and purpose of Kerux Ministries: preaching the good news of the gospel of Jesus Christ. First and foremost, Kerux is a preacher and teacher of God‘s Word, having spent many years in personal study equipping himself to rightly divide the Word of Truth. His secondary calling is to use the platform of hip-hop music to spread that good news to all who are willing to listen. As the first line of the title track to his latest CD declares, “Kerux records rhymes to glorify the Lord Christ.”

Committing and dedicating his life completely to the cause of Christ while in high school, Kerux began studying, writing, preaching and rapping in his church and youth group. Then he began traveling, taking a few songs and the simple message that Jesus saves wherever the Lord led. As God has opened the doors, Kerux has performed and/or preached at churches, youth camps and rallies, coffeehouses, talent shows and outreaches all over and around Pennsylvania. He has been blessed to see many lives changed and transformed through the power of the Holy Spirit.

His debut CD, titled “Enemies Nightmare,” is saturated with songs and lyrics that are not only doctrinally sound but also full of passion, emotion and conviction. His sophomore effort, “Guardian of the Truth”, picks up where the first left off. Only God’s Word is eternal, so Kerux is careful to keep his songs loaded with the scripture that does not return void. The Word of God is a two-edged sword and only the His words can penetrate hearts, convict minds and draw men to the foot of a cross where there can be found forgiveness and peace, hope and a purpose not only for this life but also for eternal life.

“I would HIGHLY recommend Kerux for any Christian event ANYWHERE in the country.”
Chris Lash, Godstock Indiana, PA Chairperson

“The ministry of Kerux is powerful and unique packed with a life changing message.”
J.E. Gamble, Executive Member/Co-founder Pittsburgh Shine, LLC

“The ministry that was brought to our youth group was filled with energy, encouragement,
and best of all, a challenge. Kerux doesn't perform, he ministers.”
Jason Lamer, Youth Pastor Uniontown A/G

Kerux attends New Hope A/G pastored by Rev. Lance O'Brien