New York City, New York, USA

K.Erv brings soulful eclectic approach to real world RnB and Pop music - and he puts his whole heart into it. One concert goer commented, "I felt the most love I've ever felt in the last 43 minutes - all from K.Erv." His intent on making love famous shines bright through his lyrics, music and voice.


Kevin Ervin has been infatuated with music since birth. He self-taught his self to play piano and to read music from the age of four. He studied piano, bass guitar, and various brass and woodwinds in elementary school.
After being awarded a scholarship to the Hotchkiss School’s music conservatory, he exhausted all of their music classes in two years. He went on to study through independent studies, including instrumentation, vocal arranging, composition and classical and jazz piano. He also composed the first piece for Saba Sebastian’s dance piece for the Connecticut Dance Theater.
Following high school, he continued his studies in a less conventional manner. He delved into Christian churches and gave his gifts to their usage. He learned the true power of music and continues to minister through song in and around New York City at various churches and church gatherings.


Soundtrack of My Life
Love Letters
Save The Hero (Forthcoming)