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Kessel Run is united by an extreme desire to deliver solid Rock and Roll tunes, without boundaries to the masses. They are fueled by their equal passion for music, the odd picnic at a park and their appetite to continuously grow as performers, writers, pole dancers and musicians as a whole.

For those who know the origin of the name Kessel Run don’t be fooled, for any thought of space navigation with Chewie and the gang, have been put on hold. If you were to dig deeper into the personal meaning of Kessel Run, you may find that the fictional name could in fact symbolize the bands vast imagination and belief, that their music should have no boundaries; neither should where they take their music. However, this four piece band from Whitby, Ontario wouldn’t want you to think too hard on the band name alone. Hear it and embrace it. Now you are ready to make some noise!

The bands skills of writing captivating vocal melodies and solid guitar riffs with contagious rhythm, that will have you jip joppin’ and bip boppin’ like someone put a snake in your pants. This can be shown audibly on their recent recordings. Do you want a snake in your pants? I do. “Music is an expression of feelings, emotions and ideals. Therefore each and every one of Kessel Run’s songs, is a creation of combined passion and influences,” comments vocalist Nathaniel Flower. This union has birthed a unique yet catchy sound that makes it difficult to be bound by any generic labeling. Kessel Run’s sound comes from a number of genres such as: rock, pop, post hardcore, punk, alternative and others. When asked by peers their musical style, the band has self labeled themselves as “Fun!Core”.

The band’s late 2005 EP release “If They Catch Us…” helped Kessel Run begin to establish a local fan base, continuing to spread their music through local gigs and in the Toronto area. Kessel Run contacted local Courtice label Standing 8 Count Records and their interest in working with the band put things on a positive note. However due to the owner’s busy personal schedule working with Standing 8 Count Records hasn’t taken off.

It was early 2006 when Kessel Run was back recording a new demo. The passion and excitement the band felt from immortalizing their music on a disc could not keep them away from a studio long. The demo would include three of their newer songs. The band collectively felt these songs having been electrifying for live gigs and having more depth then their older songs would be perfect to unleash.

Kessel Run has done well for the year and few months they have been a band. Although in the beginning, finding this formidable line up of friends to take on the world proved difficult, they are here now and these are only the early days. So strap in! Or on! This band will rock all those people who are willing to listen, and even those who aren’t. Continuing to grow as a band, with their; electrifying stage prescence and band chemistry. “If They Catch Us…” “They won’t…”


MacGyver (If There is One Thing He Taught Me It's You Can Solve Anything With A Pocket Knife)

Written By: Nathaniel Flower

You told secrets in the back room, with the door open.
Oh trust me to be too curious for my own good,
But Ive not been wrong before.
If you open your mouth, dont act surprised if people heard.
Dont act like you didnt want us to hear!

When it comes down to who shot who,
Youll find your own prints neatly painting the trigger.
When its thought that its all said and done,
Ill be the one to bring it up again!

Hello wingman, nice to see you again, youll wheel out the turbulence,
Ill tense as you grab the last two parachutes and bail.


Take care and make sure, you know theres no one following you home,
Cause theres a few rumors going around, that have me worried about your safety.
And if the snow falls down dont count on it covering your tracks,
And if I were you Id shut my mouth or watch my back.


If They Catch Us… EP (2005)

1 – To All The Little Whores Who Tried
To Convince Me Otherwise
2 – Handshake For A Heartache
3 – Keep Me Hush Hush
4 – En Route To Dagobah
5 – Possessed Monkey Island
6 – “I Love You.” “I Know.”
7 – The Western Song
8 – Tonight We Drink For Fun.
(Save The Heavy Hearted Stuff
For Heavy Hearted Times.)

Kessel Run Demo (2006)

1 – MacGyver (If There is One Thing He Taught Me It’s You Can Solve Anything With A Pocket Knife)
2 – Corner Light
3 – Goonies Never Say Die

Kessel Run has recieved airplay for songs off of their "If They Catch Us..." EP, on the Durham College radio station "The Freq."

Set List

A usual Kessel Run set is 45mins. However, due to the bands passion for writing new material, their set time could always be increased.
Kessel Run prefers to share their original rock tunes with an audience. Therefore it isn't often that they choose to play cover songs.

Kessel Run's Rock Dominating Tactics:

1 - To All The Little Whores Who Tried To Convince Me Otherwise
2 - MacGyver (If There is One Thing He Taught Me It's You Can Solve Anything With A Pocket Knife)
3 - Keep Me Hush Hush
4 - P.M.I
5 - Goonies Never Say Die
6 - Tall Tale Heart
7 - The Western Song
8 - Corner Light