Ketchy Shuby

Ketchy Shuby

 Miami, Florida, USA


Ketchy Shuby is a 7 piece collective from Miami, who generates their name from a song in Peter Tosh 's ground breaking record " Legalize it". The boys play their own genre of music entitled " Downtown Soul" which consists of Psychedelic, Soul , Afrobeat, Blues, Jazz & Reggae."Music for our city" as they would call it. The band is fronted by the energetic & ecclectic Jason Joshua Hernandez-Rodriguez & Robert "Dc Smiles" Smiley, who definitely never fail in putting on a show. And thats not taking away from the rest of the band , which is consisted by Bassist/Vocalist Mack H Moore , who keeps your chest pounding with unheard of bass lines, Percussionist/Vocalist Danny "Quinto" Naval, who channels Fania Legends Ray Barretto & Mongo Santamaria in every performance,Organist/Vocalist Charles "Chip" Gardner who is known as the man with a finger for every key,Geneva Harrison, The First "Shubette"taking duites of Vibraphone, Percussion,and vocals, And last but not least; Drummer Sandor Davidson, who is the heart and beat of the band.