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Written By: Kenneth Yu

[Verse 1]

I may not be the Alpha male,
‘coz I’m composed by the Omega Code
May not be the Captain of the football team
I’m just a tormented poet

Yet, words fail me as I look at you,
Dunno if it’s due to my ineptitude
Maybe its coz you’re so beautiful
And I’m reduced to a blithering idiot

But I’m gonna try anyway…

[Verse 2]

I love the way you space out so randomly
Love the way you bump against inanimate objects
Love the way you involuntarily say the funniest things
Love the way you look good even in a sack.

Okay, maybe not
Its time to use the last resort…

[Chorus 1]

Of Boring clichés
Now and forever
Like let’s be together

Boring clichés
Like our love is so true
I will die for you.

But I really mean it
I truly mean it

(But I’m gonna try anyway)

[Verse 3]

You make fog seem so romantic
With blurriness in your pretty eyes
Dig the way your brains work in automatic
When you pour sugar into my rice.

Yet, I still worship you
‘Coz your lack of awareness comes in a package deal
of love, joy, peace, and all things wonderful,
oh yeah, can’t forget your sex appeal.

Okay, maybe not
Its time to use the last resort…

[Chorus 2]

Of Boring clichés,
I want to be your man.
I’ll be faithful to the end
Boring clichés,
When we unite our hearts
Nothing will tear us apart.

But I really mean it.
I truly mean it.


Where do we go now?
Are you gonna take my hand?
Where do we go now?
Would you be my woman as I’m your man?
Where do we go now?
Can’t you see us walking down the aisle?
Where do we go now?
Where do we go now?

[Chorus 3]

Okay maybe not,
Its time to use the last resort
Of boring clichés
Like I will love you anyway