Ketsia’s new album has helped her establish herself as a household name within the Club Scene/Dance circles and a force that keeps on increasing through rotation of her single Let It Go. Her powerful voice resonates truth and raw emotion and enticing rythms.


Ketsia has always been a pioneer of Soul, R&B, Hip Hop and dance fusion.
Born in Montreal of Haitian decent, her musical influences have been widespread: her voice conveys a soulful pitch that makes listeners want to move. Her early efforts are rooted in the gospel tradition; her later efforts meld hip hop and soulful pop. She is a dynamic force in the current Canadian music scene.


Une reine est nee, LP

K-Train Entertainment 2008

Set List

Four Songs

Let It Go
Down Pour Toi
Quand J'tai Recontre
Crazy Rock and Roll

18-20 minutes in length dance club venue and special event engagements. 2 Hours for exclusive engagement with a list of nine songs minimum with a full band playing. Including lead guitar, drums, bass, keyboards and brass section.