Kevin Hearn & Thinbuckle

Kevin Hearn & Thinbuckle

 Toronto, Ontario, CAN

The core of the band is Kevin Hearn ( keyboards ,vocals) , Chris Gartner ( Bass) ,and Bob Scott ( drums ) . They have been playing together in various mutations for over twenty five years.
Their music is song based , but adventurous in both arrangements and sounds.
Kevin is well known as the multi instrumentalist in Barenaked Ladies ( since 1995) . He was also a consistent member of Lou Reed's band since 2006 , and acted as Lou's right hand man and musical director since 2007.


Current highlights:

  - Kevin acted as musical director for Lou Reed's band from 2007 until Lou's final tour in 2012. 

- He  just completed a successful year of touring to support the Barenaked Ladies' latest record  called " Grinning Streak". Kevin has been a member of the band since 1995. 

-   Kevin is currently mixing a brand new Kevin Hearn and ThinBuckle record ( No. 7) , produced by Grammy award winning producer Gavin Brown. 

-  Kevin and Thinbuckle have upcoming shows, acting as the band for keyboard genius Garth Husdon, of THE BAND. 

   - Kevin will be singing a handful of THE BAND classics, as well as playing a few of his own songs with Garth.  

 -  In the autumn of 2013 , Kevin  co- produced four songs for/with Emily Haines from the band Metric.       

- Kevin appears with Lou on the DVD release : Lou Reed Live at Lollapalooza.

- In May 2008, Barenaked ladies released SNACKTIME!, their first CD and accompanying book for children. The book and album feature Kevin's child-like and humorously twisted artwork. It won a JUNO award for best children's record of the year. 

- In 2011, Kevin toured the US as pianist with Laurie Anderson.

- Kevin appears as a guest on the latest recordings by Broken Social Scene, Ron Sexsmith, Tragically Hip, The Cranberries,Garth Hudson ,and Andy Kim.  


Tell me Tell me

Written By: Kevin Hearn

Tell me tell me love, tell me how it feels
How does it look? Tell me that it’s real.
Do you feel alone, or out of place,
or right at home way out in space?

Tell me tell me love.

When you write again, tell me everything
Are there rainforests or birds that sing?
Is it cold at night? Do you still get a chill?
Are there winding rivers or rolling hills?

Tell me tell me love.

If you don’t pay your gravity bill,
Will you float away, against your will.
Tell me tell me love, tell me how it feels.
How does it look?
tell me that it’s real.

Tell me tell me love.

Jocelyn (Nightlight)

Written By: Kevin Hearn

Jocelyn, Jocelyn
Do you remember way back when…
We met under a willow tree
And I liked you
And you liked me?

You would share your dreams with me,
We’d laugh and sing and everything,
Jocelyn, Jocelyn
Do you remember way back then?

Then I got really sick
And had to go on that bad trip
Swimming in the River Styx,
You watched me sinking like a brick.

Oh, and it was rough,
And we both had about
As much as we could take…
Something had to break…

I decided in my head
That I would come back
From the dead
Just to see you smile again,
To hear you laugh,
To hold your hand

But we both had changed
And nothing was the same
It’ll never be the same, but…

I’ll remember way back when,
I fell in love with Jocelyn

Jocelyn, Jocelyn
Do you remember way back then?


Lost & Stolen

Written By: Kevin Hearn

I’m missing you
Wherever you are
I know your voice could soothe this Ache in my heart
Through the air
And over the sea
You’re in chains, faraway from me

You had a way of making me sound good
And you were made of mahogany wood
In a dream
I’m holding you
In my head
I’m still hearing you….

But you are lost..
You are lost,
And stolen.

Who checked you out
After I checked you in?
And guess what…
I don’t think much of your new friend.

I’d like to find you
Wherever you are,
And take you with me
My stolen guitar.
A devil laughs
But he’ll get his
And goodness knows
Where goodness is,

But you are lost…
You are lost…and stolen

Map of The Human Genome

Written By: Kevin Hearn

She took time out of her day shift
To take me on a tour
Of the research laboratory
Down at the hospital
She showed me a computer
That identifies chromosomes
Synthetic DNA strips
And an old clock radio

She said she loves the lab coat
But it's tough getting home
When she's so busy working
On a map of the human genome

On a map of the human genome
A map of the human genome

My meeting with the research team
Filled my heart and mind
With good thoughts for the future
They were dedicated and kind
Answering my questions
In an understanding tone
But they all got most excited
About the map of the human genome

So let's unlock the secret
Till the cause is found and shown
To every family that knows that painful road
And the impatient patients
Who want to get up and go home
At least we can pin some hope
On the map of the human genome
A map of the human genome


Recordings by Kevin Hearn and Thinbuckle :

Cloud Maintenance - 2011

Havana Winter -  2009 

The Miracle Mile - 2006
Nightlight - 2004
H-Wing - 2001
Mothball Mint - 1997

Garth Hudson's tribute to the Band - 2010 

Kevin also appears on all Barenaked Ladies' recordings ( as musician and as a songwriter)from 1995 - present .

Kevin appears with Lou Reed on the cd/dvd Lou reed Live at Lollapalozza  2011 

Set List

Typical set list is usually 10 - 13 songs, and runs approximately one hour. Example set list:

Where Did you Go ?

Map Of The Human Genome 

Don't Shuffle Me Back 

Tell Me Tell Me 

See You Again


Good Times Virus

Grey Gardens 

Short and Intense

Theme from Big Bang Theory 

BoneFight at the Museum 

Miracle Mile