kevin aitchison

kevin aitchison


The show is a high energy performance, known for top notch guitar work and original goes from the epitome of 70's rock sound to crafty and solid acoustic standards. The energy is amazing and the songs are's hard driving honest music!


I take original songs and some cover tunes and perform them. It's really a synthesis of my influences.....bob dylan, led zeppelin, pink floyd, the band, alice cooper, april wine......the list goes on. The defining characteristic of my music is that it contains shades of confident rebellion and poetic imagery.........the words are important!


1999- (LP with spoken poems) a coming of age
2002- (EP) sliced water
2004- (LP) Kevin Aitchisons criminal record
2006- (LP) cold october
2007- (LP) Songs at Rons

Set List

I am always changing my setlist.......they average 30 songs per solo performance......mostly original songs but some nice covers too.