Kevin Barr

Kevin Barr


My name is Kevin Barr and I am an acoustic singer/songwriter with songs that vary between folk and acoustic rock. I have a very original sound and in the past four months I've been gigging around Toronto, and writing and recording new songs.


Kevin Barr is an acoustic singer/songwriter from Sarnia, ON, who got his start in local bars at open mic's. Once he made a name for himself in his city, he started getting paid gig's at the ever popular "Coffee Lodge" in Sarnia. While his style continues to grow and expand, he sounds like a mix between Ben Harper, Jack Johnson, and Amos Lee. He has also expanded his playing arena from Sarnia, to Toronto, and all the way to Lake Louise, AB. Whether you like mellow acoustic, or acoustic rock, you won't find another artist who represents the world of acoustic music quite like Kevin does. Look out for his debut album "Blood and Bone" to be released in 2007! In the meantime, you can contact him at


A Bitter World

Written By: Kevin Barr

Hope mom comes home tonight
Dad’s been gone for 3 years now
And I see, what my future holds
Pain and loss

If it rains tonight, don’t know how I’ll stay warm
All my life’s been the same, this war
It’s me and the hunger

It’s a bitter world
It’s a bitter world where I’m from
It’s a bitter world

Wish I knew what was to come
Living in wonder, will this day be my last
Seems to me and everybody else here
That the world’s forgot
But we’re still dying here

The men came last night
They took the only one I called my friend
Where’s my Hollywood? Where’s my American dream?
Why couldn’t I be born into a wealthy home?

It’s a bitter world
It’s a bitter world where I’m from
It’s a bitter world

Gold Dipped Chips

Written By: Kevin Barr

Sometimes it feels as though, I’m living in dangerous times
Not only are we haters but we’re all partners in crime
I wish we never made TV, means for money and fame
Instead I wish we loved nature, and lying under the rain

I gotta find a way now, to live in this world
I haven’t got much money, but I’ve got a good girl
I’ve only found a few things, that I know are true
One of them is what’s true for me, isn’t always true for you
That’s some truth for you

I’ve never been one to, follow societies way
That’s why I smoke so much and that’s why I sleep all day
You don’t have to understand, the things I do
I’m on my own journey, and I’m not worried bout’ you
Not worried bout’ you

I remember my young days; still living them now
Didn’t want a day job then, and don’t want a day job now
I once heard a nickel used to go a long way
They must be dipping chips in gold, for what they’re charging us these days

I don’t need no gold dipped chips, I don’t need diamonds in my salt
I’ll pay you what I think it’s worth, if it’s not enough well that’s your own damn fault
I think we all get to a point, where we sink or swim to the shore
I can smell the land from here; I’m going down to the ocean floor


Kevin has streaming radio play at You can find his songs at and stream 4 of his singles.

Set List

Kevin does not typically play cover songs. The set list usually looks something like this, and last's about 45 minutes.

Sun Shines On Down
Somewhere New
Did I Love You Good
Freedom Come
I Found You
Into My Window
Constant Struggle